Hope and Trust

Hope - a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen: a person or thing that may help or save someone:grounds for believing that something good may happen:

Trust - firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something:acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation:the state of being responsible for someone or something:

Over the past year these two little words have been my everyday companions - having to deal with cancer I have continued to hope all would be ok and trust my medical team in all they needed me to go through.

On the 17th January 2013 I was diagnosed with an aggressive cervical cancer and throughout the year I had a lot of treatment, most of the time my body and I were able to cope with it all  but I admit at times it tested me, but from the very beginning I put my trust in the wonderful team I have been fortunate to have around me and we got through it together.

On the 16th January 2014 I was officially clear of cancer.

So as I start 2014 in a much better place than last year I hope all the ladies currently having treatment remain well, I hope that one day ladies will no longer have to battle this disease, I hope you all have people around you that you trust and I hope those of us who have finished treatment remain cancer free.

Hope and Trust - just two little words that I send to you all - take them on your  journey.

Naomi - x -



Hello nns.  I too have hope and trust, -  in God.  People I didn't know were praying for me throughout  my treatment even though I didn't know it at the time.  I felt reasonably well through the treatment and even wondered why I did feel so 'good', I thought maybe the treatment wasn't strong enough! However, I soon found out after speaking to the minister of my church, that he had been praying for me and encouraging the congregation & members of the prayer group of church pray for me.. Only then did it make sense, I truly believe that God answered their prayers,and I got through the treatment really well.  Before this I hadn't been to church for many years.  Religion, to many people can be a 'tricky' subject and a turn-off for a lot of people and in some cases people are reluctant to mention it.   

Now I have started attending my church again, with my husband who never gave God a second thought, although he started praying when I was diagnosed and has said openly how it helped him.

This is one of the good things to come out of all this for me.  I hope other ladies will find that they can trust in God too!

God Bless.


Hi Naomi & Sharon

2 lovely posts - both brought tears to my eyes.  And 2 lovely words, hope and trust, I shall 'carry' them with me.


Cheryl, xx

I agree with Cheryl..lovely posts ladies xx

Thanks ladies. I hope to get through this with grace and compassion. I trust my friends and family will support me on my journey and I pray to God that he will surround me with his love throughout.

Lovely words, hope and trust are very powerful xxx

Ladies you have brought tears to my eyes.

Hope and trust alongside strength and courage which we all have in abundance - even though it doesn't feel like it some days.

Love and best wishes to all 

SL xxx


Oh Golly! Now a weeping wreck! Lovely words.

Trust, Hope, Strength, Courage and Love.

It's the love shown to me by others that has got me through the darkest moments.



Wonderful post - thank you!

We all need hope and trust. It sounds like you also have a heap of strength with it too. Congratulations, you beat cancer. You're amazing.