Seeking hope

Hi guys

I haven't written on this site for a while and just wanted to have a bit of a rant or desperate plee if you like.

I was diagnosed with CC stage 4a in November and started my first round of Chemo on 23rd December. Ive just done my second round now and am awaiting a PET/CT scan on 30th January (incidentally my 30th Birthday!!) to see whats going on.

I do keep looking at this site and see lots of success stories however i am struggling finding any at my staging. 

There must be some out there as my oncologist does say we have every reason to be positive - and I dont think they generally give false hope

I do try to be a positive person and everyone who knows me keep saying how well im doing but i just need a bit of a boost

I think the worst thing with cancer is the uncontrollable - so hard

Sorry if this seems a negative post xxxx

Hi Libby :-)

Nice to see you back here again, how is the chemo going? There is a woman in 'Newly Diagnosed' called Nicky who has just received a stage 4 diagnosis, maybe you two can give each other support. As some of us have already mentioned to Nicky, there are some women here with a stage 4 diagnosis but they tend to keep much quieter than the rest of us.

The fact of the matter is that people DO survive stage 4 and there's no reason to imagine that you can't be in their club :-)

Be lucky :-)



Thanks Tivoli

Your reply has again just given me that little kick i needed, i think ts just so easy sometimes to get a bit dazzled with it all and whilst im so much an optomist im also a realist which when the two sides of my brain are in battle the result is a confused post seeking support :))

I have been looking at the internet at success stories just now and Ive found loads! Phew!!!!

I will certainly contact Nicky, maybe we can help eachother and I would urge anybody to contact me if you have an experience similar to mine

Much Love and Luck and Health to each and every one of us xxxx


Just a thought Libby but have you joined 'The Teal Ladies' group on Facebook. It really is a great group for asking questions etc etc and I know they have different (Private) groups for girls at different stages so you can talk to some real survivours of stage 4 x x x 



Thank you for the suggestion. Ive joined the group now, cant hurt and maybe some nice stories to come! xx

Thank you for the suggestion. Ive joined the group now, cant hurt and maybe some nice stories to come! xx

Hi Libby,

I had recurrence and not given a stage,but......

I had lymph node involvement,pelvic sidewall and ovary with a 5cm by 6cm tumour so....

Like you I have struggled to find many ladies like me(Three so far),

but I am in remission and it has been a year and one month since I finished

treatment and even though I feel different everyday mentally and physically,

the fact is the treatment worked and for that I am gratefull.

All the best for the rest of your treatment.

Take care

Becky x

Ah Becky im so pleased your treatment worked! So refreshing to hear positives! Long may your good health continue!

Thanks for the message xxx

good to see you around again as I was reading through old posts when I first came here and yours was one of the ones I was following,

I hope your scan went ok, and belated happy birthday <3

Hi Libby, just catching up on here after a while away.

I hope your chemo is going ok and happy birthday. Thoughts are very much with you, let us know how you're getting on.

Love Lucy xx

Hi Libby

I'm in the Stage 4 club too so it's nice to hear from other ladies. I see my Oncologist this week as finished chemo 3 month ago following a reoccurrence to the lungs. I'm due to start radiotherapy soon for an extra zapped. 


I'm going to beat this zombie monster!! 

Message me if you want to chat more (particularly if you find chemo gets tougher as I got thru it and so can you!).

Much love, Anna xx

Nice to hear from you ladies! Ive been fab this latest round of chemo, really managed the side effects well. I get the results from my PET scan and meet with my oncologist tomorrow. Hopefully she will give me a good treatment plan for the next stage of getting rid of the little terror! 

Im getting really anxious now and stress and tension pains building. Just praying for positive news but i had only had 2 rounds of chemo by the time i had my PET scan anyway so im not expecting miracles. Hopefully I will be able to update you all tomorrow in a poitive light xxxx

Hi Libby, how's it going lovely?

How's the chemo going? Hope you're staying strong. Loving the profile photo!


I've revently done and article in the local paper to support the Smear on Demand campaign. Just doing my bit now I'm feeling better - hopefully we can change things for ladies in the future :)

Lucy xx

Hey Lucy! I just read your article, thats crazy that you were refused the smear but thank god you managed to get it under control in time! Its so wrong that ultimatley come 2016 your story could have been so so different!

Im not doing too bad, well pretty much the pits but ever the positivist, I started a new combo of chemo on monday which is the avastin/taxol/carbo, i think its supposed to be pretty good all be it hard hitting. Im at stage 4 unfortunatley but i dont let that mean anything to me, I WILL BEAT THIS. Im due to lose my hair any day, thats going to be a tough one, im not even trying to prepare myself for it. Ive managed to find a lovely wig though, i will be sure to glam myself up as best as i can and embrace it all.

I had a smear test back in May 2013 that was completely clear yet just over a year later i was diagnosed with advanced CC. Not quite sure what went wrong for me. I just know its so so important to listen to your body and get things checked if something doesnt feel right xxxx

Hi Libby, sorry for the late reply. I think sometimes replies just get a little lost on threads and then you pick them up late.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling too great, must be very hard going for you and I hope they're giving you some nice strong painkillers to keep you comfortable during your treatment. I love your attitude, it's very inspiring and I'm rooting for you every step of the way, just like all the other ladies on here are too :-)

Good news about your wig, have you gone for something similar to your normal hair or something different? Loosing your hair must be a scary step, not nice but sounds like you're as prepared for it as you can be. I have a horse and a lady from my village recently came to our yard and asked if she could sit with our horses in the field, she's going through instense chemo for breast cancer at the moment and wanted some alone time. She brings a blanket and a deck chair and sits in the field with our horses for a couple of hours. She sometimes brings a book and always looks very calm. I've told her about you and she sends her love. I didn't know her until about a month ago but she's a regular visitor now and I look forward to seeing her, I often join her in the field with a cup of tea :-)

I agree about what you say about listening to your body. Sharing my story in the newspaper has resulted in a few friends of mine booking smear tests they've been putting off. One of them found out last week she has CIN3 and it having a LLETZ treatment at the end of March. If sharing my story makes sure people listen and not miss vital smears then it makes it all worthwhile. You can never be too careful. I'm just so sorry things haven't been caught earlier for you but if anyone will beat this then you will - your attitude is 100% amazing and that's one of the most important tools in getting better!

I hope you're feeling a bit better and you're enjoying the milder days - the daffodils are out now, spring is on it's way at last! Sending you my love, Lucy xx