High risk Hpv and change of cells in smear test

Hi everyone I’m new here and just looking for abit of information or some reassurance really.

I’ve been having problems for a long time back pain stomach pain sore during sex I have thrush constantly and in the space of a few month I’ve lost 2 stone without trying I got my smear test result and I have high risk hpv and changes in my cells to I just knew that my smear test was going to come with abnormalities, I’ve had a few smear done before and they were fine this time was different it was very sore I’ve got a good pain threshold to and I was bleeding very heavily for about 3 days after wards stopped then I got my period but I’ve noticed a few changes in my periods to really dark clotted blood and period pains I never normally get these. Watery discharge all the time.

I had an app with the gynaecologist because I had went to the gp and told them my symptoms this was about 4/5 years ago now where they inserted a camera but said they couldn’t see anything.

My letter for my smear test has said that the colposcopy appointment can take up to 8 weeks to come through, should I contact my gp and tell them all my symptoms? I normally try and not bother the doctor but I’m starting to get abit worried now.

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Hi new here

In 2009 i had surgery to remove cancerous cells from my cervix. It had only just changed. I’ve been clear since

My test was in October and the doctors knew 11 day’s after even tho i was told it would be a while. No letter come so i phoned and was told by dr receptionist word for word “to be repeated in a year” was confused and said no it should be 3 unless something had shown? She eventually told me abnormal cells were found and said it’s all fine. Errrrrrrr okay :+1:

I sat on this half the day and eventually booked a doctors appointment (for today) they had no idea what happened in 2009 and the doctor was flustered on finding this out. The nurse knew.
Now they won’t do anything until October this year.
Lighting never strikes twice right?

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Absolutely speak to your doctors,they need to know any changes or problems.

Good luck

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Thanks angellux85 for your reply I’m sorry you had that experience the gp around my but aren’t great at getting in contact with you to let you know things like this either.
I phoned my gp and asked if I can get an app but it was a telephone one but after speaking to the doctor and telling her my symptoms she’s wanting me in face to face to do more tests and get more bloods done so I’m glad I phoned.

Hi there,
I dont see any reason why you shouldn’t tell your gp all the information. It may spur them into investigating your symptoms futher or perhaps theyll be able to put your mind to rest. Both of those would be a good outcome.