High grade - told to wait a year for LLETZ?

Hello ladies, I am probably worrying about nothing but just needed an outlet.

In 2022 I was referred to colposcopy for the 3rd time and I was told I would need lletz treatment for abnormal cells and persistent HPV for the last 5 years, the results of my smear was low grade. When I arrived I had a different consultant who said because I had had a normal smear in those 5 years I could choose to wait a year and see if it resolves otherwise would need treatment. I agreed.

I didn’t get a recall for my smear a year later so went ahead and booked, when I arrived Monday the nurse questioned why I hadn’t had treatment as in September 2022 my colposcopy /biopsy showed I had high grade dyskaryosis moderate. I was never told this when I returned for my lletz treatment, and would never had delayed it if I had known.

So naturally I am a bit concerned, I have been suffering with constant back and pelvic pain the last few weeks and on 2 occasions have had blood when I wiped in recent weeks.

I guess I am concerned I have had these high grade cells for over a year and they have just been left.

I could kick myself I have been so thorough with my smears since I was called at 25, now 33.

I went back through my notes and I noticed I was down for a THREE year recall and not due another smear till 2025?! That can’t be right for someone with high grade cells surely!


Hi, I’d say get checked out if you can. I don’t want to alarm you but when I had my colposcopy with low grade dyskaryosis I was told all was ok and was sent for yearly smears. Unfortunately something was missed at my next smear as I now realise I started getting CC symptoms within weeks of this smear and was then diagnosed with CC some 6 months later. One of my symptoms was lower back pain which went on for months and I kept getting told it was because of my age, but this wasn’t the case. As I say, I don’t want to cause alarm but definitely check out especially if you have been bleeding.

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thank you so much for your reply.

I had a smear 22/01 and have been back to the doctors since. the doctor said that a letter was sent in January 23 saying i had low grade changes and was in line with my smear, which contradicts the high grade result, i have been given the consultants details and asked to follow up on what was the correct outcome as i have had contradicting information.

i have been in pain for over a month, came on very suddenly. only one episode of bleeding. sorry to hear of your diagnoses. i hope everything is working out for you and you are on the road to recovery. thanks xxx

Hi yes I’m doing ok thanks, intense treatment but fingers crossed all clear. I didn’t have the greatest of experiences with my Gp, or consultants unfortunately and had to really push for further investigations (which I’m so glad I did) as I kept getting fobbed off, so my advice is if something doesn’t feel right please push for further assistance.