Help! Strange discharge after loop procedure

I had my first smear Nov 2019 aged 29 (yes I know I left it really late and wish I hadnt) to find that I have the HPV virus and CIN 3 grade cells.
I went for a biopsy first my request as to see how bad my cells are to be told I need a loop procedure to get rid.
Biopsy was fine just period pain, bleeding lasted a week although it was mild. Then I had a normal period and then I had the loop procedure.
Everything went well for the procedure, hardly any pain and a small amount of bleeding like spotting for 2 days.
But now 7 days later I have a very smelly, very watery white/yellowish discharge. It’s making me feel uncomfortable because it has such a strong unpleasent smell.
I dont think its an infection because I dont have any pain or a fever. Is it normal? Should it smell this bad?
I have BV gel and I’m tempted to use that but I am due another period in a week or so time so maybe that will sort out the discharge and bad smell? Help I dont know what to do

I would book in to see your gp and they can check for infection. I wouldn't put anything in there yourself. There is a smell after having the lletz while healing but it shouldn't be really strong or unpleasant. I've had 3 lletz and got infection after 2 so it's very common. My first infection, I had pain and bleeding. Second infection came from nowhere and I just started bleeding heavily. 

Hi, I agree, see your GP.  I had exactly the same discharged that smelt, no pain etc.  Turned out it was an infection.  Best to be in the safe side and get checked.