odour after loop biopsy

Hi am new here and hoping for some advice.
I had my original biopsy results come back as cin2, was booked in for a loop biopsy 1wk ago tomorrow. I’ve had very little bleeding but a lot of yellowish discharge, over the weekend I’ve noticed an unpleasant odour which by the end of the day I catch whiffs of when I’m sitting down and lean forward. I was warned about infection but was told I would feel ill and have a temp which I have neither. I’m going to ring doctors in the morning to ask their advice but they are a pain getting an appoitment so im hoping to get an answer here incase i have to wait a few days. So is the odour common without it meaning infection? It’s been playing on my mind all weekend so any answers would be greatly appreciated.

I had the same occurrence 8 days later and it was an infection. I didn't seek help until 11th day as I didn't feel unwell at first but then slowly become unwell. 2 lots of antibiotics to take for a week and things settled pretty fast. Hope you booked an appointment.

Take care


I have. Thank you for your reply