Help please

Long story but here goes if anyone can give me some advice or opinion on what I'm going through that would be great...

I am 26 and was pregnant with my 2nd child when I turned 25 so they said to wait while baby was born to have my 1st smear. During delivery of my baby it was noted that they found a nodule on my cervix, discharge paper read " must have smear at 6 week postnatal, nodule found on cervix during delivery" that should have been end of January 2014, my gp refused this saying it was too soon. By the time they would do it, it was May... I went to the doctor for it doing, speculum in, go says " there's no way I can do this here, your cervix is a mess, I'm going to refer you to colposcopy for the smear" 2 week later I go to colposcopy unit for a smear (m colposcopy done, just had to be cleaned to get the smear done) 6 week later I got my results in the post,low grade cell changes,high risk hpv detected will be seen in October for 're smear and colposcopy. October comes I go for colposcopy, had the acid solution on, nurse says "everything looks fine, its cleared on its own no need for another smear you can have one may 2015"  

I must add that I have some very concerning symptoms, bleeding between periods and after intercourse, constant heavy discharge and bad lower back pain radiating round hips and down thighs.

I go away from that colposcopy feeling something is wrong, I know my body and this is not right, I keep going back to my gp and beg for answers as to what's wrong with me. They said "nothing, it's in your head, we are not going to do another smear because even if we do the lab will throw it away as you have had one 8 month ago and a clear colposcopy"

so my bleeding and pain gets worse. My other half can see I am not right and agrees we pay private to see a gyne and have smear done, this was December 15th 2014, she is disgusted at how my gp has treat me ect and does a thin prep smear, I got a call 19th from her, saying " your results have come back severe dyskaryosis and positive strain 16 hpv, I have informed your gp and you should here about a colposcopy within 2 week.

I got the letter and went 31st December for my colposcopy.

She said, I had a 1 cm cervical lesion near the opening that looked severe and suggest CIN3 

I asked if it was cancer nd she said it obviously can't be ruled out, she took punch biopsies and I'm now awaiting results! 

A few questions I have...

1. What now? 

2. How long will these results take?

3. Does anything I have said above make you think 'cancer'?

4. Do you think I have been treated badly or is this normal? 

I am rather worried at the fact I am in alot of pain and bleeding daily now.

Thankyou for listening to me rambling on, I hope I have made sense x 


Hi Flower,

You make perfect sense and you haven't rambled but you have been treated badly. What an appalling bedside manner to say your cervix was "a mess"! Here are my, not very expert, answers:

1) Do not Google and don't try to work out the results. Waiting is awful but just has to be done. Try to push any negative thoughts away and plan some good times to distract yourself. 

2) My results took 4 weeks but yours might be different. You could phone and ask how long.

3) All I know is that your doc said it couldn't be ruled out, but that doesn't mean you've definitely got it.

4) You have certainly been treated badly. At the very least, they have been unkind and dismissive.

So sorry that you're worried - it's a horrible feeling! Take care and let us know how you get on.


Kirsty xx

Meant to say, well done for believing in yourself and getting a second opinion. You know your body and I'm glad you didn't let your GP fob you off.

Kirsty xx