Advice needed please??

Ok so some of u might know that my background is last 6-8 months bleeding during after sex and pain, saw GP who said could see SOMETHING on my cervix referred me to hospital. Saw consultant 3 weeks ago today she said straight away after examining me I gotta go in under General anaesthetic for. Hysteroscopy D&C colposcopy and possible biopsies because wen she examind me she could see something that was just inside my cervix Could be a polyp not sure but stressed it had to e done within 2 weeks, so I went in in Sunday (1st June) had my operation, no polyps found but whatever it was that was just inside my cervix thy did a loop excision to take it away and send it to the lab for testing with other tissue samples they too from my uterus. Gotta wait for the consultant to ring me with those results, but the confusing thing to me is that the nurse said the notes stated that the colposcopy was fine??? Now I'm not that clued up and please correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a colposcopy show PRE cancerous cells? And if that is the case then does tht mean that coz my colposcopy looked ok could this THING they cut already be a cancerous tumour or is that unlikely??? I know that no one can tell me for sure but I just need advice. I've always been up to date with smears and wasn't due my next one til next year all previous smears have been fine. Could this THING have started out as Pre cancerous cells but since my last smear until now could it have grown in to a tumour?? And if it has already become a tumor would my colp have shown up as ok or abnormal??  I'm sorry if I've confused anyone?? Help?

And please be brutally honest I won't be as scared if I've got an idea about wot I'm facing, I'd appreciate anyone's opinions, thanks girls! 

I think a lot of the information they give you is contradictory.

Could you call & leave a message for the Surgeon's Secretary

and ask him/her to explain?? What they told you about the

colposcopy is confusing; but my understanding from the

reading I have done is that it is the colposcopy is just where

they look at your cervix. Maybe try calling the Jo's Trust 

Helpline or the ask the experts thingy!  Also thanks for your

advice re: finding out what Local they used for my


Adductor tendon procedure... I am running out of time 

Colposcopy is booked for this Friday (6th June) have to

work tomorrow but will try to call Hospital in the morning..

I tried to call the Hospital today where I will have the Colposcopy

(different from adductor tendon hospital)but couldn't get hold 

of the Lead Sister to ask again. For reassurance.

Feel like such an idiot now/after reading on this forum think I had 

symptoms but didn't realise.. Glad I always have my smears.


AAll my Best Wishes are with you. Come back and let us know results. I will come back to forum as soon as I'm able after

6th & post the outcome. Good Luck x

Thanks Tree! Does anyine else have any ideas???