Help needed please -Post trachelectomy - Further tratmeant needed




Hello Everybody. 

Cervixal 1b1

This is is my first time writing to an open forum like this, excuse me if I confuse anyone along the way. 

I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with cc in July 2018, I had years of issues, irregular periods and bleeding, discharge, bleeding after intercourse. On my journey they found an ovarian cyst and that was removed. I’m my own head i thought lovely this is why I have been having these issue. later on in the year was still having abdominal pain and thought maybe a cyst is back? Went for internal examiation, no cysts ovaries look lovely. Back to the GP, they apologiesed as usual ! As I was under 25 at this point they could not put me forward for smear and I would have to wait 4 week prior to my birthday (she booked this in for me, I had smear carried out 4 weeks beefroe 25th birthday). 

Cut a very long story short I have had a trachelectomy and currently 6 week post op. I have been told that my margins are to close (1.5mm) and that they recommend i complete radio plus chemotherapy whch will of course make me infertile . kid are highly highly important to myself .

i have to make the decision on if I would like to go ahead with the treatment or not . This is a rough as cant remember the exact - without therapy 10/15% chance reoccurrence next 2 years // no treatment 25/35% reoccurrence in next 2 years.


i am quite devistated and struggling a lot the moment (I have family support) and feel like I am at a loss and will never be able to make this decision. If there are women on here that’s are or have been through this that would be kind enough to share their experiance with me? I appriciate any comments .  


H x



Sorry me again, I would love to hear about any post trachelectomy pregnancy stories too.