Trachellectomy or Hysterectomy

Hello everyone,

I have recently been diagnosed with CC stage 1b1. I previously had loop treatment which removed half of the tumour, however I need surgery to remove the rest. I am really scared about having the surgery and are looking for guidance and advice from other woman who have had the surgery. I recently just got married was planning on starting a family, it has been suggested I have a trachellectomy due to my age and fertility chances. Can anyone give me more information on recovery time? and an insight into how I may feel, I know we everyone is different. Before I knew MRI results I was considering a hysterectomy, now I am thinking trachellectomy. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Sarah x 


Abnormal smear result ( high grade cells) 9th June 14

Coloscopy, loop excision and biopsy (severe abnormal cells) 12th June 14

Biopsy results 5th July 14

Diagnosed with CC 8th July 14

MRI 11th July 14

Consultation to confirm stage 1b1 18th July 14 

Hello. My mum had a full historectomy when she was 41. She had the same as you and she didn't want the risk of it spreading elsewhere, she figured it was just not worth the stress of worrying all the time about it coming back or appearing elsewhere.

she said the op was painful, but she was back working within 4 weeks. I know everyone is different, but it's like any other opperation, you will recover and it's not the end of the world. Her sex life is fine, she is on hormone replacement which she loves because she hasn't had to go through the change like usual, and she said for peace of mind alone it was the best thing she could have done.

14 years on and she is fit as a fiddle. 


I'm here myself now because I just had a smear back and it's showing high level abnormalities. I do know that I will have a hysterectomy without question if it's required.

i hope that I've helped a little in waylaying your fears. best of luck with what you decide xx

I had a Trachelectomy a year ago. Right about now I’m not feeling much different to how I was before surgery, just the odd niggle which is fine :slight_smile: in fact I’m fitter than I have ever been as I’m training to do the birmingham half!
I was in hospital for 5 days (bit longer than average as I didn’t like the GA!) and had 6 weeks off work in all with a staged return.
I go every 6 months for a vault smear to check I’m still ok, so far so good!
I’ve also spoken to a good few trach ladies that have gone on to have children now :slight_smile: so that’s really lovely to know :slight_smile:

If you have any questions send me a message, I had loads of help and support off here and probably asked every question under the sun!

Hope you’re doing ok :slight_smile:
Take care

Em xxx

Hi, hope you are doing ok.

I would very much listen to the advice of your consultant, there are no guarantees with either surgery and if you can preserve your fertility that will be a wonderful thing!

I was 1b1 but a trach wasn’t an option for me, my consultant told me straight away. I was lucky enough to have completed my family so it was fine for me.

In my experience they won’t recommend a trach if they don’t think it will be adequate to cure you so see what they say, then go with your heart and don’t look back.

My recovery was generally good from my radical hysterectomy, my consultant practises enhanced recovery so I was in hospital just 48 hours. It took a while to feel back to normal but there was no significant pain. I was back to work after 7 weeks, just a bit more swollen than before :slight_smile:

Good luck with your decisions.

Take care
Ali x

Hello ladies, thanks for your advice. I have decided to discuss the Trachellectomy further and go from there. The journey begins now. Speak soon 

Sarah x