Help- is ulceration a sign of cancer?

I’m trying to remain calm but freaking out a bit. I have a 1cm smooth lump on my cervix surrounded by ulceration.
I’ve tried to convince myself that the lump could be a cyst??? But am worried by the ulceration.
Have any of you experienced it? I’ve had bleeding between my periods for the last few months.
Colposcopy on Friday. Feeling totally panicked .

Hi, maybe it doesn’t help much that people that don’t really know more than you answer this, but I’ve had a look and it seems that there are a series of conditions that produce both lumps and ulceration in the cervix (polyps, cysts, and some others I had never heard about).

I haven’t found any info about whether having an ulcer as well as a lump increases the probability of it being cancer. If you are very upset maybe you can call the phone number in this web page. I haven’t tried it myself, but at least they are people who know what they are talking about.

I hope you don’t have a terrible time till Friday and that everything ends well :slight_smile:

It's scary I also have a lump around same size on my cervix that I can feel myself I been for first smear high grade dyskaryosis  I hope and wish you all the best. Xxxxx

Thank you both for your replies. The waiting is horrendous! I'm just counting down the days until colposcopy. I was really shocked when I found the lump. The ulceration next to the lump feels awful. The thought of another 4 week wait for biopsy results after colposcopy just seems ages. 

Hi, I haven’t been home these last days. I would have liked to send you a message on Friday :slight_smile:

I hope everything went well and that you are easier now.