Heavy bleeding CIN1


This is my first time posting. I have CIN1 and after my first smear last year was sent for colposcopy to check abnormal cells which turned out to be CIN1. I have my follow up appointment for my next colposcopy in 3 weeks but this weekend I've started bleeding heavily. I'm normally as regular as clockwork and this has come as a big shock as I'm day 18 into my cycle and it doesn't feel like period - very red and a lot of blood. 

Has anyone else has symptoms like this from CIN1? Is it related or potentially a different reason as to the bleed? 

Thank you in advance for your replies.


Hi there Nat Gal,

I am in a similar situation, just wondered what your turned out to be?? Did you get to the bottom of it?

I have a history of post coital bleed, clear smear 1 year ago, but recently started bleeding dau 17/18 imto cycle...

Am very worried :-(

How did you go??


Best regards, hope you are ok