Bleeding with cin please help

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post I just wanted to ask if anyone had bleeding when they were in cin stages as I have just started spotting and my period is not due. I have had cin1 for over a year and a half and had cin2 many years ago and had treatment I'm just not sure that you bleed at these stages and worry it may have progressed?

any advise or answer would be much appreciated.

thank you.xx 

Hi there Mrs M,

I think its different for everyone but I would think its quite common to have spotting with cin.  I never had any spotting or heavier bleeds but my tumour was higher up so was only showing up on smear as borderline in March last year.  I know there will be lots of ladies who will be along to share their experience with you soon and in the meantime check out some of the other posts on here and I'm sure you'll be re-assured xx


Hi andreac,

thank you for writing back to me.

im so sorry your going through this my thoughts and love go out to you and everyone on here. My smear result  show mild dyskayotic squamous cell I'm not sure we're they would be found higher or lower I'm just so worried that it could be worse then they say like it was with your self.

did you have just mild changes and it didn't show on a smer test?

 When did you find out was it at colposcopy?

i hope you don't mind me asking.

thanks again for your reply and if  you no of anyone that  did have spotting with cin I would really be so greatful to here from them.

thanks again  wishing you all the best xxx



Hi Ms M

As far as I'm aware generally there aren't any symptoms with CIN, which is why the first most ladies know about it is when they have an abnormal smear (and why screening is so important).

It's worth bearing in mind that's it's possible to have period related problems at the same time as CIN but which is not connected. I'd suggest seeing your GP about the spotting. I'm a great believer in speaking to the docotr with queries as otherwise imagination can start to run away.

I hve CIN but I'm also on the mini pill which stops my periods. I very occasionally have spotting but it's common with this type of pill and I don't believe it to be related to the CIN as I had it before the CIN.

Hope this helps and I would encourage you to see your GP, as much better than worrying or making connections that may not be there, for your own peace of mind. Take care x




Ms M

I just wondered if you've been referred back to colposcopy following your last 3 smear results? If you haven't you could request one, if this would help to know you'd been properly looked at? Biopsy results are more reliable than smear tests because they take away some tissue to examine x