Has anone experienced this

I was just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms after lletz
I had my lletz treatment done December 21st 2015 for cin 1 2 and 3
I got a letter 4 weeks later saying their was no suggestion of cancer and I should return for a smear in 6 months
I had my period in January which was fine …I’ve never had a period that’s lasted more the 4 days and prior to treatment my periods have always been in time and for 4 days only…January’s period was for 4 days but I had slight spotting in between which I put down to just have treatment…however beginning of febuary I started getting really bad discharge which I have never had before ever! Thick white discharge tmi I’m sorry then o started bleeding again this time it was very heavy I was getting big clots again this is something that I have never experienced before I was bleeding for over 2 weeks heavy bleeding…I thought it was never going to stop…however after about 19 days it did stop…and then a week later I’m bleeding again this time not heavy just a bit spotting and when I go to the toilet it’s their when I wipe…I called my gp and he asked if I could be pregnant in which I told him it was not possible he has booked me in to have a swab but in 2 weeks …m.just a bit anxious and don’t know why this is happening