Hair care

Hi all

Hope you are all well x

I am 2 weeks into chemoradiation treatment for cervical cancer 3c (lymph node involvement)

I have a sore tingly head and my hair has become very weak and cotton wool like (after two sessions of chemo cisplatin)

Does anyone have any recommendations for shampoo to use to help? My chemo nurse has said something PH balanced and not to use baby shampoo

Nic xxxx

Hi Niknac

I like the Hope’s Relief range. I use the soap because it’s pH balanced. Haven’t tried the shampoo but it’s also pH balanced:



I used plantur 39 shampoo and conditioner during treatment, it’s a menopause shampoo. And I also used Coco and Eve miracle hair elixer, it’s a serum. It’s quite expensive but def worth it. My baby hairs went wirey like wire wool and it really helped. I would also recommend avoiding permanent hair colours and bleach for several months after treatment as it might snap off with ur hair being so dry. Good luck on ur journey. X