Had LLETZ 4 weeks ago and still dont know what will happen going forward

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been a lurker for a few weeks since i had my LLETZ just so that i didn’t feel like i was going crazy with all of the funky stuff going on down there. I have now nearly healed and I’m just happy i found this forum. It’s lovely to find a place where people can talk about these things so candidly.

Anyways i’ve got a bit of my story here as I’m still super worried about what will happen next.

I’ve (28) been HPV positive for 4 years, my last smear in Sept 2022 came back with high grade dyskaryosis, high risk HPV detected and was referred in for a coloposcopy. I go in for the coloposcopy in Jan 2023 and had the biopsies taken from three places of the cervix which came back as CIN 2 and was referred for LLETZ.

I go in in April 2023 and was told that due to the fact the the abnormal cells basically covered my whole cervix it would be best to do the procedure under general anesthesia. I also have Vaginismus so this was actually a blessing as i was panicking on how id even be able to get the LLETZ done. So i waited a bit longer.

I go in mid July 2023 for the GA and LLETZ. All was fine and i assume normal process for these things. Not long after I’ve woken up and wheeled back into my cubby for a recovery sarnie and hot choccy then Dr I have comes out and tells me they couldn’t get all the abnormal cells and that it has now spread to my walls.

I was a bit stunned as i wasn’t aware that it has spread to the walls. They go on to tell me that its VERY likely i will still be positive for abnormal cells when they check in 6 months. Me still having my sarnie hanging out my mouth and a morphine muddled head i was like oh okay well thanks for that. I didn’t even really ask any questions because well yano confused and that was the end of it.

They didn’t say anything about it spreading to the walls, or how it appeared to happen so fast but i don’t even really know what the means or entails or what its even actually called.

Is it still treated in a similar way? Do they just leave it to see if it gets better on its own like they do with hpv? has anyone else had a similar experience?

All in all i’m just very confused and scared. With it seemingly spreading so fast since Jan, I don’t feel comfortable waiting another 6 months. But also scared as having regular things up there really hurts and affects me more than it should thanks to the vaginismus.

I’m still waiting to hear my results from the LLETZ. It seems to be crawling at a snails pace.

Anyways thanks to anyone who reads my spiel xo

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@Toothlessrose i had a similar experience. When the Dr came to speak with me he was very blunt with saying he believed it was to late for me and that I had cancer:

I think if you had cancer you’d be told. Or I’d like to believe the Dr would and not let you waiting for the outcome results.

It’s going to be very hard but you’ll need to wait for to get confirmation of what the result from the LLETZ. It’s easier said than done but try and keep
Your mind occupied.

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