Growths and mass

Hi, I’m 36 and have had three children.
In my early 20s I had the HPV virus which was picked up on my first ever smear and I had the LLETZ done which removed high grade pre cancerous cells.
I had regular smears for 9 years following this and my last one was in 2019.

I have been having period pains all month for a few months and random period, odoured discharge, uncomfortable sex, blood in urine with no infection, feeing like I need to urinate more often. Etc etc

Yesterday I went to the GP and expected to be sent for a smear at a later date, I didn’t expect an internal examination there and then.

During the internal the GP could see abnormal cells on my outside of my cervix. She then did an internal feel with her fingers and my stomach and said she could feel a mass behind my cervix/ womb.

I am waiting for a scan, bloods and biopsy which the gp said will all be done within 2 weeks.

I can’t help but bring the worst especially after knowing that I have had the pre cancerous cells before and that increasing my risks.

Has anyone had similar? Does anyone have advice? Just to keep me from going mad during these next 2 weeks of waiting. Thank you

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