Waiting for results. Invasive Mass.

Hi all.

Can anyone please give me some help?

Smear was 8th Jan 15 due do 3 months of back ache (on mini pill so no period) and bleeding on and off all of the time especially after/during sex.

Result- High Grade 23rd Jan 15

Colpscopy-2nd Jan-During this the consulatant had a look and said that the abnormal cells were very wide spread and there was what she thougth to be an invasive mass on my cervix. I was due for an internal scan ont he 4th so she didnt take a biopsy at this time but booked me see antoher consultant for a second opinion ont he 6th Feb. She said that she could not trat me there and then becuse 1) she wanted me to be ok for scan and 2) she siad it would need to be done under GA due to how far and how much of my cervix was covered. She said the other consultant would probably agreee that they needed to remove a layer of my cervix. She thinks its may have gone into early stages.

I went for scan ont he 4th-they refused to give me an internal as my cervix was bleeding that day.

I went back fro second colposcopy ont he 6th Feb-where the consulatnt agreed that she can see an invasive mass they they think may have progressed into early stages of CC. She took 2 biopsies and told me it would take 1 week for an urgent result. I was quite nerved by this and asked to speak to her again in private.

She advised me they were concerend with the mass they they can see but she said, we dont think it has gone any further, and to try not to worry, she said as I am 30 and have no babies, that they will perform a hysterectomy as a last resort.

Can anybody please tell me if they had what they called an 'invasive mass' as I cannot find anything on this and I feel tired and drained with nerves.

Has anyone else had these words muttered to them?

Also how realistic is it that my results will actually be here tomorrow?

I know these questions have probably been asked again and again but I am in bits.

good luck and much love to you all.


Jodie x





I cant give any advise but did not want to read and run,,, am sure ther will be some lady who maybe able to help with some advise but i hope all is well for you with a possative out come,, 


Good Luck huni am sure if it is any thing they are on it for you xx

Hi Jodie,

What a horrible time you're having. If they said a week for results,  definitely give the clinic a call tomorrow. As Jonibr3 says, the docs are on the case so don't go searching for answers on the Internet.  Only your docs will be able to tell you what's going on. Try to distract yourself - you will feel so much better once you get your results. The waiting is the worst.  Sending a huge hug to you! :)

Kirsty xx

Hi Jodie,

I am sorry to hear you are having such a scary time. I think you should probably try to prepare yourself in case you are indeed told that you have early stage cervical cancer. That way at least if you are told it isn't you can laugh with relief. Certainly it sounds as though you are in very good hands and if it does turn out to be cancer they will be onto it like a shot. Once you know one way or the other you will find you become much calmer and it becomes surprisingly easy to take the next steps, whatever they turn out to be.

We are all here for you all of the time :-)

Be lucky


Thank you so much all.

I have never felt so anxious, I agree it has got to the point now that I dont care what the results say, its the waiting that is eating me up and I just want to know.

Everyone on here sounds so brave and scared at the same time. I will be honest, I was one of those 'it will never happen to me'. So its come as a shock. Now I just want it to be over.

What an amazing site and a fantastic bunch of women.


I havent seen anyone get their results in a week so I just hope I am not left dissapointed today, and they arent there yet.



Keeping my fingers crossed for you sweetheart :-)

It makes me so sad hearing all your stories, you have all been fab. Kirsty, how are you now? have you recovered ok?

Did anyone else get told they had an invasive mass? have you hard of this being said before?


Hi Jodie,

I had a similar thing at colposcopy - the dr performing it sat me down and said she was concerned and rushed the results through in a week. I'd just had an internal ultrasound so she was referencing those images whilst doing the colposcopy to check it hadn't spread upwards. Although she didn't say in exact words that she thought I had concer, she said she was worried.

So yeah, the worst week of waiting in my life! But I then had an MRI which was clear and then a Lletz under GA, followed by a hysterectomy and I've been fine for 2 years now.

I'd pretty much written myself off after the colposcopy but after a few ups and downs it got sorted fairly quickly.

Best of luck for your results, try and listen to what they say or take someone with you. I was told it was early stages and could probablty be treated surgically but that bit didn't register at all!



Thank you Jo1982.

My results from Biopsy have shown CIN3, They are booking me in for Large Lletz removal due to the large area of abnormal cells, this will be done under General. She then said this woudl be sent off and tested fro CC and margins.

Is this normal or do they usually diagnose at the biopsy stage. This is all so confusing and overwhelming.

I am so sorry to hear what you have been through, but salute you for being so optomistic about everthing and still coming on here helping others like me.

Thank you.



Hi there,

I was diagnosed from the punch biopsies I'd had at colposcopy with CC.

i'd say if they are offering a lletz under GA it's a good sign for you, they'll be able to have a good look around and remove it all. I was home a couple of hours after mine!

Best of luck,

Jo xx