GOOD LLETZ procedure experience

Hello ladies!

I wanted to write this just because before today, I was one of the many ones waiting for their LLETZ appointment with dread and fear. I spent time crying, I was reading forums online about others people’s experiences - some had good ones, some bad, and I was trying to understand what I might expect, beyond the well-meant words of friends and relatives.
Well, today i had my treatment for CIN2, which I had diagnosed last year, but kept putting LLETZ off, out of fear.
I was well nervous before going in and was mad at myself for not thinking about asking to get it done under general anaesthetic. It was too late for it now, and as much as I understood, it was the worst part. I had had bad experience of almost passing out after biopsy, so you can imagine I was nervous.
Thankfully I had a very nice lady doctor and another lady assistant. Despite my shaking hands, legs and general babbling away, they were understanding and tried to calm me down. As I was lying in the chair, wincing at the cold speculum being inserted in my lady bits, the assistant was just by my head, smiling and chatting away about all sorts of nonsense - my work, travels etc. Just in the middle of me telling a story, I felt a slightly unpleasant sensation that could not be described as pain. Just unpleasant. And that was my injection done. My heart was racing briefly, but apparently you just get a little adrenalin rush and that is normal. It was a massive relief and I continued to tell my story to the assistant. Little did i know, in about 5 minutes, as i was still talking, the doctor lifted her head and said that the treatment was done. WHAT? I thought she was joking. I never felt anything at all.
I was told to dress up, of course, take my time and maybe go to the cafe to have something sugary and a coffee. As I had lots of sugary cookies before coming in, I didn’t find it necessary at all. A friend of mine took me home and I was completely fine, chatting away and feeling so relieved that all was behind me.
It has been 5 hours now. I have had a mild period like pain and occasionally I feel a bit of sting in my cervix. I have had some painkillers, but haven’t even slept or anything.

I wanted to write about this just to reassure anyone out there who might be as worried as I was and who feels a little alone. Of course, not everyone is the same, but I think it is also important to explain to your doctors how you feel as they might sympathise with you and treat you just that little bit nicer!

Hope this helps x

Glad you had a good experience. Mine was similar. I am typically petrified of needles and medical procedures, so it was huge for me that I found the whole thing pretty ok for having someone putting local in your cervix and then taking a bit out. Like you I did not feel anything that I would describe as pain, just a sensation (particularly when they pulled the needle out, I could feel a pulling sensation). After that, it was mainly the noise and smell of the machine that were a bit disconcerting. I had two pieces removed, so it took a wee bit longer, but still was over way quicker than I thought it would be.


Hope you get your results soon!

Aw thank you for putting this up hun. My story was the total opposite and asking for advise I felt awful writing it on here hoping not to worry anyone as everyone is different. So nice to see someone having a good experience. Awful what is women have to go through so nice to see its not all doom and gloom x