Going out my mind high grade dyskaryosis (children mentioned)

Ok so I'm new had my first smear March 2012 normal. Had my second smear three week ago and it's high grade dyskaryosis. I have three children 7, 3 & 4 months and I'm out my mind with worry that I have cancer. I have had absolutely no symptoms at all and then 9 days after my smear I started bleeding which took me by surprise as I'm breastfeeding. I asked dr and hv and they said it's prob my cycle. So anyway bleeding was light and I mean really light had a few bright red then just pink then brown. Lasted six days. Now I have white discharge. I did get a couple of spots n period symptoms. So I'm hoping that it's just a really light period coz of breastfeeding I've had no bleeding after sex... nothing. I'm terrified I'm so scared I might be seriously ill and leave my babies and my husband I'm supposed to be planning a christening and I can't all I can think is what if I have cancer I can't looked at my children without wanting to cry. I have extreme health anxiety and cancer is my big big fear. I'm terrified of the compos copy not the procedure but what they will tell me.... I am terrified ill start bleeding again and then I'll go off the deep end and think the worst.... why sm I reacting this way when  the odds are it isn't and it's just a simple treatment why can't I get this in perspective?


Hello :) I jusy noticed your post was a few weeks ago but you hadn't had a response. Your results sound exactly the same as mine. I'm 28 and had my first smear at 25 which was fine, and then my second a few weeks ago which has turned out to be severe dykyrosis!! I couldn't believe it and was out my mind with worry this weekend. This morning I went to my appointment and had a loop excision and the nurse removed my cells, she agreed severe but assured me it wasn't cancerous. Now I'm waiting for the results of those. I also have health anxiety so I can completely understand how you are feeling and that's why I had to respond to you. No matter how much people reassured me this weekend (even my friend who is a doctor!) I couldn't calm down. I do feel better now though after talking to the nurse and having the treatment. It's all quite surreal isn't it, like it's happening to someone else! You have kids too which I don't,  so I can only imagine the anxiety you are feeling about them. I have a nephew and even looking at him on Saturday made me cry. I think our results sound very similar and hopefully because we have gone for our smears we have caught it before it has got any worse and it's being sorted for us. It's amazing they can pick this up before it gets cancerous and we are lucky we have had this chance.  


2012  first smear age 25. All clear

2015 second smear. Severe dyskyrosis with hpv. Loop to remove cells...awaiting results.