first ever smear with high grade dyskaryosis

Hi Ladies!!!

I have just turned 25 and when i recieved my letter for a smear test, believe it or not i was over the moon and booked it straight away.

i have had abnormal bleeding since giving birth 2 years and 8 months ago. This all started when i bled for 9 weeks after giving birth. after this settled for a week, i was concerned about periods so was sent for numerous tests and also had internal and external ultrasounds which always came back clear, so i had the implant in my arm put in to try and settle it, which hasnt worked. the doctors gave up which made me feel to give up too. but since then i started bleeding after sex, continuous spotting, constant dicharge and constant cramps. for example my latest period has lasted 2 weeks and still ongoing, i had an 8 day gap of spotting before the previous 9 day period. i have had  to wear a pad every single day for over 2.5 years (the smear test brought on my lastest, 2 week, period)

anyway so anyway as you can tell a smear was my last chance of finding out. i had my smear, and friday (24/05/2013) i recieved my results. HIGH GRADE DYKARYOSIS. they have referred me for a colposcopy.

clearly i am worried, but at the same time glad im going to get to the bottom of this all.

just wanted some advice, what to expect, whether anyone thinks it could be canerous or not.

many thanks

Sammie xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Sammie,

I'm sorry to hear you've had such bother with bleeding! It sounds like an absolute nightmare. I hope you manage to get to the bottom of it and that you get good news.

I just had my first colposcopy last week, and it really wasn't too bad at all. I think I found it a bit worse than other people seem to have done because they had real trouble finding my cervix in the first place. The staff couldn't have been nicer though, the doctor explained exactly what she was doing and kept checking I was ok, and there were a few nurses in there to chat to you and keep you distracted. You can see the microscopic view of your cervix on the tv next to your head if you like, which I found interesting and a little reassuring as you can see whatever the doctor is seeing (although made sure to look away as soon as I saw her pull out the biopsy equipment!). They just did a couple of stains of my cervix using vinegar and iodine, so you can see the abnormalities on the tv. Depending on the preference of your clinic, they will then possibly take a few biopsies to be sent for analysis, or might just decide to treat on the day. I can't tell you what the treatment was like, as I only had the biopsies, but they weren't too bad. Quite uncomfortable but it was over very quickly.

I'm afraid that's all I can really tell you about what to expect at the colposcopy, as I'm kind of in the same boat as you and haven't had my results or treatment yet. If there's anything you are really worried about you should speak to the doctor on the day, or phone up in advance to ask about the procedure, as they are really helpful and seem to want to make it as easy as they can for you!

Will be thinking of you. Hope it goes well and that they can give you some idea of what's going on to put your mind at rest!

Best wishes,


Heyy sorry to hear you're going through the same :( it's all very scary.  And with people saying to me don't worry doesn't really help as it's all very daunting.  I will keep you updated with what happens.  And you keep me posted too. Will be thinking of you. Thank you xxxc

Hi. I've recently turned 25 too, and had my first smear a few weeks ago. 2 weeks after I got a letter with the results, high grade dyskaryosis, with an appointment for a colposcopy the following Thursday (which was thursday just gone 23rd May). I was so scared. I haven't had any CC symptoms, but as it was my first smear, it was impossible to know how long the cells had been abnormal. I read online though that it can take 10 years or more for them to become cancer.

I spent a week worrying that I had cancer, and I know completely how you feel, it is the scariest thing ever, the not knowing. I won't say don't worry as of course you are going to worry. I felt like although it was so unlikely, I would already have CC and it would be too late. I have a 2 year old son, and I spent the week terrified that I wouldn't see him grow up.

I had my colopscopy on Thursday and it went so well. I had a female doctor and 2 nurses, and my husband was allowed into the room with me too, which really helped so I could hold his hand! When we first went in, the doctor sat down and answered any questions etc, and really reassured me that it would be ok, then talked me through what they were going to do. She was so kind and understanding. Then we went through to another room, and I went behind the curtain to take off my trousers and underwear and put on a hospital gown. Then they helped position me on the bed/chair thing and put my legs up into the stirrups. It's not the most dignified thing, but once you've had a baby you don't really care about that do you?!! The actual procedure itself was just like a smear really. She used the speculum thing to open you up, and then used a microscope type thing, which looks a bit like binoculars lol. This doesn't go inside you, or even touch you. She was just sat in front of me with the binocular things right there. There was a tv screen in front of me, and this showed up a very magnified version of my cervix. Then she used a vinegar and iodine solution and dabbed it on my cervix with a cotton bud. This didn't hurt but did feel a little bit odd. This showed up any abnormal cells in white. She said straight away that she could see it wasn't cancer and wouldn't be for a very long time, if at all. There were just 2 abnormal cells. They gave me the option of having them removed there and then, or coming back at a later date to have them removed. I decided to have them removed right then, as I had psyched myself up for it.

The removal of them didn't hurt. They use a local anaesthetic. I won't lie, the bit when they inject the anaesthetic does hurt, but only for a few seconds. As I said before, my husband was with me, and I squeezed his hand very hard at this point which really helped! Once it was all numb, they used the Lletz loop (not sure if you have googled treatments?). It's a heated wire type thing which burns off the bad cells. I didn't watch this on the monitor as I'm quite squeamish ,but my husband did and said it was fascinating to see! This didn't hurt at all, but felt quite weird, like you could feel funny movements down there. The only bad thing was the smell of the burning skin. It was all over so quickly, and then I was allowed to get dressed again.

Afterwards, they advised me to rest for the rest of the day, which I took full advantage of!!! I took some ibuprofen a few hours later as I felt quite achey once the anaesthetic had worn off. It's been 3 days now, and I haven't really had much pain. I've had period type stomach aches (but reading your post it sounds like you are used to those lol!), and it aches a little down there when I go to the toilet. I have also had (sorry for tmi) browny black bits of skin coming out a few times when I've been to the toilet, but looked online and that is quite normal apparently!

Sorry this is such a long post. I just wanted to give you as much detail as poss to try and put your mind at rest. Just remember it is very unlikely that you have cancer (although I know that doesn't help!). Please ask if you want to know any more details, and keep me updated :) . Have you got a date for your colposcopy? I'll be thinking of you :) xxx

Awwwww thank you sooooo much! Yeah I can pretty much take any pain now. I have been in constant pain for over 2.5 years with cramps and back pain, even the tops of my legs so a little more won't bother me haha. Sounds odd but I wish they would just give me a hysterectomy.  I have a beautiful little girl who is a gift and I am adiment I do not want more children. After having a period whether is be light or heavy for this long makes me feel discusting. I have lost a relationship due to me not wanting to be close or intimate as I always bleed after sex and always spotting.  I don't even want a new relationship because I genuinely feel discusting and all the bleeding and pain is very depressing. I am a bigger girl and without trying have lost 7 inches around my hips and waist.(nearly 2stone since nov)  That in another sence has made me feel better but I haven't tried I just put it down to loss of appetite from feeling so low. But silly me googleing my symptoms always comes up as CC. Thats why im sooooo glad people are responding to me with things I want to hear. I'm sooo physically and mentally tired from it all and glad I am finally going to et an answer and treatment. Phewwwww. I really appreciate everything so thank you. I hope all goes well with you too :) best wishes :)

Aw sounds horrible :( . At least you will be able to get to the bottom of it now. Wonder if they would let you have a hysterectomy, at least it would stop any further problems but they may not want to due to your age.

Fingers crossed you get a good result with your colposcopy. Keep reading positive stories on here, and stay away from google!! Tongue Out xx

It's very scary but at least we can all be scared together. I know what you mean, I'm starting to get really annoyed with people telling me not to worry! Please do let me know how you get on. Keeping everything crossed.

Haha will do but noticed another pain grrr. Paracetamol and ibuprofen don't cut it anymore :( xx

Have just spoken to my nurse who has also informed me that she noticed cervical erosion whilst doing the smear. Also received my date for colposcopy (12-06-2013). Xx

Only 2 weeks to wait... try as much as you can to put it out of your mind until then (I know from experience thats easier said than done, but it will drive you crazy otherwise). Good luck, be thinking of you xxx

thankyou worried, you have been a great help to me and have made me feel a lot less anxious about it. :) xxxxx

Hi....ive just had my first ever smear last wekk and the result came back as 'high grade dyskaryosis' obviously am worried but wont know for sure till I go for my colposcopy hopefully in thenext two week when my appointment has been sent!   Ive just read  worried87's post and that was really helpfull as my situation is exactly thesame as yours so reading what you have put reassured me  so thank you,  what is the difference between high grade and server dyskaryosis? X

Hi Sarah.

High grade and severe are the same thing - it's just different wording that is used (the NHS seem to like to make everything more confusing than is really necessary!). Good luck with your colposcopy x