Anyone answer this please? Worried

Hi everyone. I’ve been getting so much comfort to no I’m not alone but I’m still so scared I had my first smear and came back high grade dyskaryosis got to go back Thursday for colposcopy which I’m scared about. I can also feel a lump on my cervix which is making me more worried. I have 2 year old daughter and have been bleeding irregular since having her really and also have the marina coil so just put it down to that until now. Can the doctors tell you during the colposcopy weather it’s likely to be cancer ? Please answer anyone.



Im in exactly the same boat as you...apart from the lump on my cervix. I had my first smear and came back with high grade abnormalities. I have an 18 month old little boy and I was/still am absolutely terrified there's something really wrong. 

I had a loop biopsy 2 weeks ago so I'm still waiting for results. The nurse who did it said there was nothing there she seemed too concerned by, after promising to tell me if there was. 

I told her I'd had irregular bleeding after having my little boy, but again didnt seem too concerned and didn't ask any more about it. 

She also said, chances are if there was anything cancerous it would have been so small she was quite sure she would have removed it there and then, so that was quite reassuring. 

Id tell you not to worry, but that doesn't help. I felt much better after going for my appointment, because she really reassured me...but still at night the doubt sets in. 


Hope this sort of helps, feel free to message me if you want to off load! It's awful xxx

Thanks very much is so scary  well I was reading through forums like this were someone said they felt it so I had a go and can feel a lump.  It seems like the waiting times are really long after biopsy so even going in Thursday isn't going to be the end just hoping they don't see something concerning. Do you no if they can see if it's cancer or get and idea if it is from the colposcopy?xxxx

Hi hun.

I had same results high grade dyskaryosis.

My colposcopy is tommorow! Very nervous but glad I can get it over with. 

I think they can tell during the colposcopy due to the pattern of the abnormal cells which is a mosaic I believe? I've read allot lol

Apparently they paint you with a dye nd it'll show up white where the abnormal cells are. 

X x x x x x

Smear Abnormal High Grade Dyskaryosis 

Colposcopy tomorrow 14/03/2016 

15th***** (brains gone with nerves) lol

Thanks for posting.  I hope everything goes well for you tmro. I've been reading some people's posts and they don't find out until late results of biopsy in weeks I can't possibly wait that long it's so hard waiting how old are you was it your first smear? Please keep me updated on how tmro goes what time is your appointment?  Sorry for all the questions just want some hope  xxx


I had high grade changes and had the loop procedure to remove this. The consultant puts something on the cervix, I think it's vinegar, and them the changes show up white. She showed me on a screen. I was told 6 to 8 weeks wait for results but on Friday I was asked to go in today for an appointment. Turns out there was a very tiny bit of cancer there but they got it. Further loop will get rid of any high grade precancer cells left. So I'm guessing because they found cancer cells the wait is shorter?

I'm sorry if this is no help at all, the waiting is just awful. If they see high grade changes at the colposcopy appointment they may do a loop/LLETZ then and there to remove it. 

Best of luck to you both xx

Thanks this makes sense. Good news they got it for you. Thank you did they give you any idea that it was cancer at your colposcopy? Xxxxx

At my colposcopy I was told I would need the loop procedure doing under GA and was referred to a consultant, she was confident she could do it under LA and for me that was preferable for me as I was terrifies at the thought of GA. She said she could see they were high grade changes and was really glad she did the procedure as it was needed. She pointed out the 'bad' areas on the screen to me, but no mention of seeing anything cancerous then. I should imagine for them to see any cancer it would have to be at quite a late stage. The cancerous cells in my biopsy were like he size of a full stop with all the precancer cells around that so wouldn't have been able to see that. 

Maybe write down any questions you want to ask on Thursday as if you are nervous you will forget. Don't be afraid to ask them anything, no question is silly, I have asked loads of questions all of the way through


Thanks very much is appreciated your advice that's what I am going to do although my list will be endless. What's the difference between ga and lashes? ? Xxxxx

First Hun. I'm 24. 

Its at 2pm tomorrow.

I only got smear results on Friday but I rang up begging for my colposcopy to be asap and they got me in for tomorrow.

You have to chase them.

I will let you know how things go. 

x x x x 


General is being put to sleep Hun 

local is being awake but the area numbed. 

X x x

Hi, I also posted on here today although I've had no replies on my post. I'm in a very similar situation. Although i cant really offer you any advice as I'm at the same sort of stage as you too. I have 4 growths on my cervix they were found last Friday. Have my colposcopy this Friday. Am so terrified that the lumps could mean cancer but can never seem to get any answers :( hope all goes well for you xx

Hi because.  It's so scary I'm fearing the worst although could be something harmless. Fingers crossed for you xxxxxx

You too. Good luck with your colposcopy xx