Going crazy

Hi ladies, so glad I found this forum.
I was just diagnosed this Monday with cc. Waiting for Mir for staging.
Crazy week. This forum has been my best friend all week so I have just joined.
Just wanted to ask if any of you ladies are experiencing random pains that you think are now related to your cc. All week since diagnosis I’m going crazy thinking oh my leg. Or my back or Oh my what this or that. Am I alone or is this just a part of the process. I’m now thinking every pain is associated with my cc.
I am also constantly going back and forth between thinking its stage 1 and stage 4. How do I stop myself from these crazy thoughts?
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi Lolli


this is completely normal! I was diagnosed and suddenly developed very real abdominal, back and leg pain. I was convinced it had spread everywhere. After I had my results and was confirmed at stage 1b1 these pains pretty much disapeared. The mind is an extremely powerful thing and I think I 'magnetised' everyday aches and pains. I think that I was also so tense and stressed that my body was actually sore for real.

I hope you hVe your results soon and begin to feel better xxxxx 


Aww hugs to you lolli sorry you have had to find yourself here but this really is the best place, everyone so helpful! nothing too crazy to ask. Unfortunately yes your mind will be playing tricks on you now, every little twinge etc you imagine the worst. I still do sometimes even after surgery but it's getting better. Hope all goes ok with your Mri and you've been found nice and early stage xx

Thanks so much for your reply Nellie. I'm sorry we all have to go through this but it makes it so much easier knowing you are not alone.  even with the silly little things that seem so important at this time. :)

Thank you shazzal, knowing I'm not alone makes a huge difference. This forum has already helped me so much. I'm scared if I talk to much about it to my family and friends they will get annoyed or run for the hills cause it is so depressing. 

Hi Lolli :-)

You are so absolutely completely normal. We all do this. You will find that you get much more understanding on here than you probably do at home, so just keep chatting away :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi i am at the same stage as you i was diagnosed with cc on frida and having an mri on Thursday its like living in limbo 

Hi laalaa1986

its so scary... I'm going Monday for my mri,and to meet my oncoligist. I'm hoping I will find out what stage and can get my treatment plan. I go back and forth thinking it won't be that bad to thinking I'm doomed. I'm trying really hard to stay busy so I don't think to much and I got some pills from family dr for when I'm stressed to the max. Pls keep me posted on how you are so we will both be able to help one another. Good luck with your mri on Thursday. Stay strong, you are not alone. 

Hiya - its normal! I had an epidural with my pregnancy so I put my back pain down to that & then after I got diagnosed I wondered if it was to do with my CC. Plus abdominal pain all the time so you're not alone in thinking is this real, am i really experiencing this, ahh everything aches am I more advanced than I think I am. Any little positive thing you can think about hold onto this. Ive been doing some healing work & its helped to ease my worries so Im sending positive vibes, Remember the treatment these days is very good, this horrible disease is very curable & listen to your doctors - you're going to get the best treatment possible. Have you had your MRI yet? I had an op under GA to check staging, if there was any spread to bladder/bowels & so far so good no spread & confirmed stage 1b1. They thought mine might be 1b1 anyway from biopsys - have they not given you any info so far? The waiting is defo the worst! Just try to keep yourself busy & positive thoughts. Best of luck! Keep us posted. Xx