Diagnosed yesterday with CC stage 1

Hi Everyone, so glad I found this site, I have been readying posts for the last few weeks, now I feel the time had come to write to you, feeling very sad and unable to fuction. 

So I was diagnosed yesterday with CC stage 1, it was all such a whirlwind as my consultant was in a rush and my appointment time was wrong so I was late seeing her, I was told she highly suspects  I have stage 1 CC , got to go back next week to go under General anesthetic to remove somthing but didn't catch what was being said, then I was rushed round to have an MRI , and then that is it, I was done and free to leave. 

Im all over the place not knowing What to expect now, I understand Stage 1 is early and they can probably manage it quicky but I only know that for reading other posts on here. 

Just feel lost and scared. 

Hi x sorry that you received your news in such a rush leaving you worried and bewildered. Please don't feel lost as we are here for you and I'm happy to chat through anything with you. Stage 1 is early and very treatable as you will see from my history. You will be on a roller coaster for a while but I promise you will feel better in time. It's difficult taking things in so I recommend you take someone with you to write down answers to questions etc as its hard to remember what's being said. Take care and feel free to share on Jo's as much as you need to x

Hi sp

im sorry to hear you are going through this. It is so terribly scary and overwhelming in the beginning. I was a mess and had a very hard time but I did get through it and so will you. 

Right now it's a whirlwind of appointments and scans and exams and it will seem everyone wants to get a peek. Try to relax as much as you can through all of this as it is essential they know exactly where the cancer is. You still do not know what kind of treatment you will be facing but it will be ok as they are all manageable. 

Pls stay strong and keep your anxiety levels down as much as you can. Keep a positive mindset and focus on the fact that this is curable!!!!

keep posting as we are all here to help you. 

Hi SP. Ditto what others have said, and yes it is bad that you were rushed through with something as difficult as CC. You might want to try and write down as many of the questions you want answering as you can so that at the next visit you feel better prepared. Can you take someone with you when you next see the consultant, because they can then take notes whilst you try to focus on what is being said. It is very treatable at this stage and the wheels are in motion now. Just stick on this site and stay away from the Internet as the info there can be outdated and misleading. All the best for your op and any treatment you need.


Thanks all for your support, reading the post puts my mind at ease. Next appointment is Friday, so I will be sure to let you know how it all goes. my husband will be there with me friday With me.