Hi I've just been diagnosed, had colposcopy due to pv bleeding and biopsy on Tuesday, confirmed as cc on Thursday. What next?

oh matey,

well done for finding us xxx

im sorry that you have been diagnosed. Truly. I was in your place 9 weeks ago and it was horrid but I found a lot of comfort with this website. Have a look back at my old posts to get an idea of what I asked and what happened next. There were a few of us on here diagnosed within a few weeks of each other so have a look at them too (look in the recent past posts for newly diagnosed).

no doubt you are in shock, that awful heavy feeling inside that u can't describe to anyone else around u. Worried, upset, angry, asking why me and unable to sleep. All normal. Have they been able to say what stage you are? What they have said will determine what happens next really. First thing is you will have MRI so they know exactly what they are dealing with. I know that the week I waited for mine was about the worse week of the past 9wks. I self diagnosed myself at stage 4 and was gonna die as I had so many different aches and pains that I thought were tumours throughout my body. They weren't. Once I had MRI and met consultant who told me stage and put radical hysterectomy into the diary, I was so much happier and counted down the days to the op.

i hope that you are doing ok. Do keep coming on here and asking questions. There are lots of people who can support you who have been where you are right now.

much love xxx


Hello Dons369 I wish you hadn't said in your post 'I self diagnosed myself at stage 4 and was gonna die' I think that's a rather unfortunate choice of words given that there are stage 4 ladies on here like myself and that remark suggests to me that I'm going to die from it.  How comforting it must be to be stage 1 and know your chances of survival are good. 

No disrespect was meant, I can assure you. I was only expressing what was going through my mind during that week. Without knowing anything about what was going to happen next and any real background information, this is genuinely how I felt. I had convinced myself by having just read a few bits and pieces on the internet and scared myself silly. Obviously now, with further research, I know a little more background and the statistics involved and other people's stories. I know more what is involved in stage 4 now but I didn't then. I advise newly diagnosed not to panic and think these thoughts, but get themselves better informed using reliable sources of information, as I have done now.

im sorry if this upset you, I apologise.

Being only stage one doesn't mean an end to worry though. There are plenty of sad stories on here of ladies who started with what I have been through so far. The worry doesn't stop. I am just more well informed compared to that week 2 months ago. I hope mine goes no further but there is no guarantee. We all have hope though.

i wish you luck in your treatment. X

Hi Laura,

An MRI is likely to be the next stage and those results (along with those from your biopsies) will be discussed at an MDT meeting (depends on the hospital but may only happen once a week or fortnight so that tends to be the bit you wait the longest for!) and they will decide what is the best course of treatment for you. They have timescales that they have to work within from date f diagnosis to treatment so things should all move reasonably quickly once they know what treatment you need. 

I was diagnosed in July and found the posts on here a godsend because whatever question I had, their was either a post already about it from someone else and if not everyone was so helpful and friendly. 

Soph x

Hi Laura

sirry for your diagnosis. I hope treatment is going well??

i just wondered if you'd share your symptoms as I am awaiting a colposcopy for post coital bleeding and I'm petrified of the outcome. 

Dd you have a clear smear previously...?

many thanks for any help



Hi, ive been told surgery isnt option as too advanced, waiting for pet scan before I can start therapy! Im so scared stage 4 doesnt mean no hope does it?

Were there ever concerns over your lungs/liver?? Xx

Hi bleeding started just after sex, then became continuous with hemoraging resulting in emergancy tranfusion. I have a large 4.6cm tumour replacing my cervix too advanced for surgery.

There are alot of really positive journeys on here and hoping to join that group. Sending you lots of love and luck xxx

I'm so sorry for your news, it's crazy that you could go from nothing to being rushed into hospital after losing blood??? I can't imagine what you are feeling but stay strong and positive as you yourself have seen many positive outcomes on here. Can't believe they didn't pick a tumour up on a smear, shocking. You are in the right lace now, these women are wonderful. Look after yourself, please stay in touch. Sending many hugs and positivity your way xx