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Hope all is well for everyone, just need some advie.  I live in the U.S. and i am about ready to go on vaction and have to fly. I will be on the plane for about  2 hours and was woundering if any tips to keep my legs from swelling. I asked my doctor and he said i should not have any problems but i am afraid they will since i had 4 lymph  nodes removed. I have not had any probems with my legs swelling yet but am worried with the flying it might bring it on. Any advice would be great.Thank you ladies.


Hi ,

You better wear comprassion socks. I have lymphedema message weekly , the first thing the therapist told me is to use lymphedema socks during flying. She told me that water pressure during swimming is very friendly to people like us but air pressure is not. 

P.s.i dont have lypmhedema,i am having message just to be on the safe side

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Hi there. Following a four hour flight I developed a swollen ankle, and was later diagnosed with lymphoedema. I knew I was high risk as I had a radical hysterectomy, lymhphodectomy and the chemo rads. I would definitely get yourself some compression socks. I have been given compression stockings and tights, but you can get them online too. I have not had problems with swelling since and always wear them on flights. I also do manual drainage which again you can find out about online. Have a great vacation.

I'm glad you typed this because we're gong from UK to Mexico in 4 weeks! A 10 hour flight and I never even thought of tights! 


We do deserve a holiday though don't we! 

I went to Gran Canaria last year with no problems but I got really worried about the flight I'm taking from the UK to NYC next week (I have an even longer flight to New Zealand in November for my honeymoon!) and freaked myself out so much that I went and brought some compression socks. 

I actually found some fun compression socks on Amazon for those who are wanting something a bit 'different' and I now have some with hearts, polka dots and cats on! They look like normal 'fun' above the knee socks but when I tried them on I could definitely feel them compressing. 

Just thought I would mention it in case anyone was like me and was putting off the idea of compression socks because they would look too obviously like compression socks. It's a vain thing/ vein thing... get it... get it. 

I'll go now.

Thank u lady's for all the answers. It is nice to see i am not the only on worried about it. To all that r getting ready to travel hope u have a great time.:-)