Lymphadema symptoms

Hi all, 

Well I am now 8 months post op, I found out I had a 3cm tumour whilst pregnant so had to have an early c section and hysterectomy - didn't get to sleep that much after such a major op but feel like I've coped extremely well :) however the one thing that was concerning me was the risk of lymphadema due to 5 nodes being removed, well unfortunately my right thigh has gained 2 cm compared to my right and I now have to wear support tights.  Just wondered if anyone else is having issues like this?  I can handle the cancer side, but this bit I don't particularly like :/  


Hi Zoe,

I am 9 months post rad hyst and a couple of months ago my legs started to appear bigger and one is 2 cm larger than other, especially thighs.  My ankles are really swollen up and they get worse as the day goes on. 

I have attended the Lymphoedema clinic once and was measured up for support stockings, but have not had them yet.  Dreading it as they take so long to put on apparently and I have to go to work - also they must be so hot in summer.  Anyway, I do simple manual drainage exercises every night before bed-time which takes approx. 20 minutes and then I cream my legs and ankles with Epaderm cream on prescription.  Your lymphoedema nurse will explain all this to you. 

It has made me feel really down after all the treatment ending and then to have this.  However, the lyphoedema is not life-threatening in itself and can be managed. 

They are researching all the time and trying to find ways of creating new pathways for the lymph to travel - we must make sure we are first on the list for any new treatment!

Good Luck Zoe.



Hi Janis, thanks for the reply, it does get you down doesn't it!! If it makes you feel a bit better, the stockings have been great!  I put them on quite easily considering and by the end of the day the swelling looks alot less :) I got a selection of both open toe etc which gives some alternatives.  Not going to lie though it's nice to take them off at the end of the day :) here is hoping that the swelling doesn't get any worse x

Hi, I too am in a similar situation to you both, I wear the stockings under trousers at work, 

legs get considerably hot but find it does keep the swelling down, if I don't wear them I find my legs are heavy and achy,

I too, perform lymph drainage for massage around twenty mins a day, also follow out the excercises that are advised, you do get into a sort of technique for

putting the stockings on, I'm thinking I may be grateful for them in the winter Lol ;-) x