Hi to you all, 

ive got a suspicion I have a fistula. I have my oncologist on Wednesday so hopefully get to know then. It started on Friday when I went to bed and awoke to a wet bed! I was pretty shocked but thought I had been sweating through the night with my hot flushes. Until the next night and it happebed again this time when I fell asleep on te couch next to my boyfriend, might I add a new recent boyfriend! I am very embarrassed by this and hoping to god they can close it up! although my boyfriend knows what's going on I made excuses on why I had changed and not told him the truth I just cant bring myself to say I have wet the bed so to speak! I have pains in bith sides of my kidneys and feeling vwry worried! I have been rather lucky considering but I just feel like things are taking a turn for the worse! does anybody think it may be due to me being sexually active again after 7 months? i think it's best I tell my new man to go find someone else instead of being faced with all my problems At this early stage in our relationship! My head is everywhere at the moment plus my ex husband is not being a very nice person at the moment either although I cared for him for 7 years while he was sick! Not a nice man at all, I just need a break without having to worry about anything. I guess we are all the same we just want to be happy and try and forget! Which I know is never going to happen! Oh from my last post I am not able to have the pelvic exenteration due to it being too close to a main artery! don't know why I can't have a hysterectomy as it's shrunk to 2cm? Anyway sorry for the ramble just needed to get things off my chest! Laura xx

Hi Laura,

i cant say anything about your medical situation, but really feel for you. I too am in a new relationship and felt just as you do when I found out about my cc, I tried to end it with my boyfriend but he refused to be dumped! In his words he's an adult and chooses to stick by me no matter what...I'm now glad he made that choice because I've come to realise that I should've talked to him not push him away.

I hope things will get sorted quickly for you, sounds like you've already been through so much.

 Take care


Aww thank you Sarah, not that am glad somebody's going through the same as me but glad you understand! It is hard starting a new relationship although I told him from the very beginning and he has chose to stay put which I'm really happy about but feel he deserves to be happy with someone without as many problems. Thank you for getting in touch made me feel a little better Laura x

Hi Laura. How did you get on with the oncologist? Have they sorted your leaky pipes out?



did you  have a fistula ? And if so was it repaired ?


did you  have a fistula ? And if so was it repaired ?