It's been a while

hi ladies

It's been a few months since I was on here and I wish I was coming back with good news. But after scans in June revealed the cancer was regrowing I was put on the new drug Avastin an 3 other chemos which one gave me a terrible allergic reaction, in a way I knew by that that it hadn't worked. Anyway I have now been told by my oncologist I have 12 months to live! This was last month and I feel I cannot get out of this downward spiral of depression! I just want to get up and fight it but in the mean time have got incontinece wearing pads all day and then of a night! They tried a catheter which didn't work the water just bypassed it! The urologist doesn't want to give me a long term bag as he feels the recovery is too long!  Anyway that's my story so far 


Hi Laura,

I was thinking because you hadn't been on the forum you were

doing well....I am so sorry (((HUG))) you have been given such bad news.

I hope something can be done to ease your discomfort.It seem's unfair you

have to cope with wearing pads 24/7.Surely they can do something to help you.

I hope you have lots of friends and family with you to help lift your spirits.

Sending you all my best wishes.

Take care

Becky xx


Hi Laura

So sorry for your bad news, why weren't they able to offer a hysterectomy if the tumour had shrunk, it's so unfair

(((BIg Hugs babe)))

Mandy xx

Laura that is sad news and I'm really sorry to hear it.

You must be terrified.

My heart goes out to you.

Feel free to Pm me if you think it will help. x

So sorry to hear this.Sending you my thoughts and prays. Lea xxx

So sorry to read this.  Sending you hugs xx

Hi Laura

So, so sorry to read this - my heart goes out to you.  I really hope they can do something to help the incontinence, that must be so difficult to cope with on top of everything else.  Wishing you lots of love, strength and courage.

Big hugs


So sorry to hear this - I can't begin to imagine what you are going through.

Thoughts and prayers are with you. 

S x

Hi Laura,

I am so sorry to read this news. Devastating. I guess it's time to focus on having the best possible time with your family and your friends.

With love


Hi Laura, I wondered how you were doing. I am almost at the end of chemo with avastin, taxol and carbo. Is that the mix you tried? It has bought me some time, but is hard going. I have number 5 out of 6 tomorrow. When it finishes I will be scanned and find out where I go from there.

what are your options? i have a catheter and sometimes I bypass it, but it's better than pads. Ask them to try again, surely the time thing doesn't matter if you are terminal.

their timescales could be well out, I was told in May 6-12 months but I'm still here and no worse than I was then. Don't let them get you down. Just live to the best of your ability on that day. Have you got lots of family and friends to help?  Feel free to pm me if you'd like to

i wish you well my dear

karen x


I always look for your updates. I am so sorry that yours is not good news.

i hope you can get the catheter sorted and your spirits lift to enjoy the time you have.

so much love to you. Xxx



sorry to hear this...

like others i look out for your updates.

Sending you cosmic comfort as much as is possible



Oh Laura I am so sad for you today, my tears are seriously flowing, I hate this effing sickness so much!!!! Sending you prayers, comforting thoughts, anything that could ease your pain somewhat!! I got so much support from ladies here with messages, & I remember you were posting when I was just diagnosed September 2013!!!

Hi Karen, any news after the scan? Brave ladies, I wish this road easier for you & yor loved ones xxx So sad reading these posts today!!!!!