first week of chemorad

Hi there,

Just had my first two rediation sessions, also having radiation to the para aortic nodes.


I was sick this morning prior to my treatment and very sick afterwards, Had to take the anti sickness meds that had been precribed for me to take prior to my chemo tomorrow.  Is this normal and something I need to grin and bare.


I felt so awful today when I han my cheamo intital assessment.  I was sat next to two ladies with liver cancer whom were both palative, both of these ladies had young children.  I felt very selfish worrying about my cancer which I have been told is potentially curable when these ladies are terminal.



HI Suzy.. I'm a few weeks behind you in treatment.. I've got a appointment with my oncologist today and then I think planning meeting next week.. Really don't know what to expect and quiet nervous..  It's good to read your experience of the treatment.. I've read so many different experiences...  What stage are you??  Sending positive vibes your way..  Keep your chin up and fight this crappy disease... Xxxx 

Hi Suzy, I'm halfway through chemorads and wanted to just let you know my experience in case it helps any. I felt really dreadful the first week of treatment and then was emotional as I'd read so much on here that most people sail through the first couple weeks. However the second week was easier and now I'm just trying to deal with it day to day and not think I'll feel like X or y on this day or that day.

few tips, totally agree tell clinic everything, I had terrible heartburn straight off and they gave me magic pills which have really helped. 

Also try and not compare yourself to other people. Nurse reiterated again to me that we can't compare bodies, we each deal with the treatment in our own ways and try not to beat yourself up as I did that I wasnt managing as well as other people. 

Enjoy the good days when you get them and do something nice! 

Honestly I feel every week I can't keep on going through this and yet I am and I do. A countdown calendar helps too of course.

i hope for you you are someone that sails through as lots of people, do but I wanted to message to let you know that if you don't and it's a bit crappy that's ok too as long as we get it done, 

good luck, keep talking and it'll pass xx

Hi Suzy,

i vaguely remember there was a lady that was in treatment at roughly the same time as me. She had to take a prescription everyday and I did not. One day I asked the nurse in clinic why as I was curious because I thought maybe I was also suppose to be taking something daily. Well to be honest I thought she had a weeks worth of steroids Where as I got only 4 days worth and she said oh she needs that because of lymph nodes that are higher up. I believe she called them the paraortic nodes. 

Anyways, just ask or make sure you mention your feeling of nausea. 

Good luck

Hi Lulu1970 I am grade 3 stage 2b.  Had my first chemo today, they took my temp and it was 37.9 so they nearly did not let me start it.  Then I wa told by HB was only 93 so I have to have a blood transfusion 2 units on Friday.  Then at radiotherapy I was told due to ?gas in my bowel it made it very near to the radiation field and could damge my bowel.  What a day lol

Did any of you ladies tumour block the lower bowel so you could not poo properly.  Sorry to ask this but I think mine is.



Hi. Its doubtful that your tumour is blocking your bowel. The chemo can make you constipated and the radiotherapy can burn your back passage, making it painful to poo. I had a mixture of constipation and dihorrea (never know how to spell it ). 

I was given fibogel and loperimide. I never had to take the loperimide but I took the fibogel daily.  I found if I put vaseline on my back passage it made it a little easier x good luck with the rest of your treatment x 

Hi Suzy,

Sorry to hear that you having a crappy time. My para-aortic node was affected too, and I had 'extended beam' radiotherapy, so as well as the three tattoos on my hips and pubic area, I had a fourth mark just by my belly button so the radiologists could accurately 'see' my midline higher up when doing the measurements for the treatment angles.

I had chemotherapy & radiotherapy on day 1 (Monday) and by Day 3 (Weds) I was throwing up everything. I mentioned it to the Consultant Radiologist at my weekly meeting on the Thursday morning and they extended my prescription of Metoclopramide (given to deal with the chemotherapy) and told to take it up to three times a day to prevent sickness. I threw that up too, in fact Thurs & Friday wasn't much better but things improved a bit over the weekend. The next Monday (Week 2, 2nd Chemo) I told the chemo team that I still felt terrible and was barely keeping anything down. They were genuinely concerned and contacted the Consultant Radiologist again, who came straight up to see me. They decided to extend the Ondansetron treatment they were giving me on the chemo day (it's also an anti sickness tablet but it works in a different way), because the Radiologist was convinced it was related to the radiotherapy targeting my para-aortic node and not a chemo side effect. I was describing it getting particularly bad in the hours after the radiotherapy, which was at random times of day. We decided I was to continue taking the Metoclopramide three times a day and a dose of Ondansetron about one and a half to two hours before every radiotherapy treatment whenever that was.

It worked a treat. 

Both Metoclopramide & Ondansetron have different dosages, so you'd need to work with your team to establish what combination would work best for you. Metoclopramide works with the gut secretions and Ondansetron works to shut off the puke signal at a brain level. They don't routinely go straight to Ondansetron over Metoclopromide because it is very constipating. You really need to pay attention to how much fluid you are drinking and even fibre intake. I would tend to be more constipated at the end of the week and loose at the beginning, but I soon figured out a diet & fluid routine that worked for me. Once I started taking the Ondansetron before the radiotherapy, it made an immediate difference. I didn't need to take it on the weekends when there was no radiotherapy, and never really looked back afterwards. Everything became much more bearable again, and I'd even put weight on by the end of the treatment!

Talk to your team about this, they can help you sort it out. You don't need to suffer unnecessarily! x

Hi suzy

it is very difficult to detirmine exactly what might be causing some of your bowel issues. It could be a combo of a few things or a simple thing. I had some issues leading up to my diagnosis and actually got constipated so bad that when I finally went I developed an anal fissure. That fissure did not heal well at all and had trouble with it. I was prescribed a gel that relaxed my internal sphincter muscle To help as it felt like I had a bit cramp constantly. Then I was diagnosed and didn't even think that that my poo issues where related but my tumour was putting pressure on a nerve that helped control my internal sphincter muscle. I was originally happy when the diarrhea kicked in from treatment as it didn't hurt to go. Then my diarrhea got out of control and I developed piles. Oh my poor butt was so sore. I had diarrhea so bad and nothing was helping. Things eased it a bit like vaseline before I went.  Steroid cream, silts baths but finally I got a prescription for anti-diarhea that was way stronger then Imodium. It takes a bit of play to find a diet and fluid plan that works for you. 

Anyways, the gas you have in there might just need some extra help. Be sure to do some walking everyday  even when u r a bit tired. Pay attention to your foods and drink water like you are a camel finding a water source in the desert. 

No worries we are all here to help. Chin up you got this.