First smear tests

Hello I was wondering if anyone has been in the similar position. I’m almost 25, had my first ever smear in august. I got the results back end of august, saying I was HPV positive, and showing low grade dyskaryosis. Got booked into have a colposcopy done on the 5th October.

When I went to the appointment on the 5th October they took 3 small biopsies, because when they highlighted the cells it showed more abnormalities

I got results last Monday, they said I’ve got High Risk CIN2 cells that need to removed using Lletz. They booked me in last Tuesday however they couldn’t do it because there is quite a large area of abnormal cells. So I’ve been referred to go under General Anaesthetic urgently. I’ve got my pre op tomorrow

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I am in a similar position to you! I have just turned 30 and my first 2 smears were clear. My third however came back with low grade. The subsequent colposcopy/biopsy came back with high grade CIN3 and honestly I was so upset and really didn’t expect it. They attempted LLETZ under local but I was so anxious they decided to reschedule me so that I could have it done under general and now I’m just waiting for the appointment letter. It’s been so comforting to read here that lots of people often end up having LLETZ under general and recover without issue but it’s still such an emotional and overwhelming journey. It’s good that they have found these changes so early, I wish you every bit of luck and comfort for your LLETZ :heart:

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