First smear results

Hi, I am brand new here and have only just got the results of my first smear back. I’m not even 25 yet but decided to go as soon as the letter came through. I’ve tested positive for HPV and they require me back in 12 months to the date of my first smear. They have noted there are no other abnormal cells and therefore consider me low risk to cervical cancer.

I know that those are words of comfort and some would wish for them but the results of positive HPV has shook me up and I don’t feel like there is much information for women or support around the subject. Is there anything I can do in the next 12 months that will help me ensure I hopefully wouldn’t test positive this time next year? what happens if it never goes away? Will this affect me conceiving children if I have tested positive but my cells are not abnormal? I’ve been with my partner now 3 years and we’ve both been cleared of all STD’s and it concerns me they list this an STD.

Any help or answers greatly appreciated thank you.

Hi @mlmegan

The only thing known to push HPV into dormancy is our own immune system, generally we ‘clear’ it within 2 years but although its no guarentee the best you can do is to boost it, quit smoking if you smoke take supplements better diet etc sometimes this works but some of us cant seem to shake it no matter what we do lol but having HPV doesnt mean you definitely will develop CC, its like smoking and LC, not everybody who smokes will go on to get LC there is just a link

Having the virus shouldnt stop you from conceiving either, there isnt any fertility problems that come with it… if they found abnormal cells whilst you were pregnant, CIN1 would be left as usual but anything higher you would be monitored through your pregnancy

Although its an STD its not a normal one its just up there because we can only contract it through having sex/sexual contact, theres isnt a typical test for it there isnt one for men to take and we can only have it when we have a smear so it wouldnt be part of the tests yous were cleared of… its assumed we contract the virus witin the first year of being sexually active, thats why the vaccines are offered to school kids before we become sexually active, its very likely he already had it himself before he was with you

There really isnt anything that would suggest you should put youre life on hold based off a positive :slight_smile: xx

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I was diagnosed with high risk hpv and CN1 in July 2021. Had colposcopy in August and the results confirmed positive high risk hpv and CN1. I thought to give a try to AHCC kinko Platinum. So I took AHCC kinko Platinum 3g empty stomach early morning. Also took multivitamin, vitamin C 1000mg, Curcumin and folic acid daily for 3 months. Green tea twice a day.Also used Papilocare vaginal gel for 2 months. I had private smear after 6 months in January 2022 and the results came back as hpv negative. I was so anxious and was taking antidepressants since July. Now I am so so happy and also left taking antidepressants. .Best of luck for all of you who have high risk hpv.
I had my smear test again after an year in July 2022 and it has come back negative again.

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Thank you for both your comments. I feel like I understand it a bit more now. I’m topping up on vitamins and hoping at the 12 month check up I’ll be negative.

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Hi mimegan

Just to offer a different perspective.

I’m in my 60 s and pre-date HPV primary screening in that I (regretfully) stopped getting smear tests when I was 50. My smear results always came back as normal (no abnormal cellls seen) but it’s very likely I would have been tested positve for HPV. If I’d known I was HPV positive I’m sure I would have carried on going for cervical screening and might have avoided getting cervical cancer - see my back story.

I can understand that getting an HPV positive result must be very unsettling but it means you will be closely monitored, unlike the ‘old days’ when you would now have to wait another 3 years before being offered another smear test. The key thing is that, as long as you keep up to date with cervical screening, you are less likely to get cervical cancer than previous generations.


Hi Megan, just wanted to say hello & add that I’ve heard/seen that it’s quite common for a first smear to result in this way. I had my first smear at 20 & they found abnormal cells (they need to lower the age for cervical screening today) & had to come back for another one some time later which was clear. Hope you’re doing ok :heartpulse: