Feeling so disheartened, any luck going private?

Hi! Still waiting for chemo, targeted therapy and immunotherapy for the little bugger coming back. But my first dodgy scan was Easter Monday, then I had a ct, then a pet scan by which time I was told it was back and only treatable. This was 2 weeks ago and I still have 2 weeks to go waiting for a biopsy to triple check. Then 2 plus weeks waiting for results??? I’m really not sure what to do at the moment xxx

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Oh my lovely @OldRed , I’m so sorry to hear this. Did the pet scan showed it’s back on your cervix or other areas? I’m just asking cuz you didn’t mentioned surgery as option. I myself did go private as I wanted to expedite things and treatment as soon as I suspected having cancer due to my symptoms as going to the regular GP takes time and just referral to specialists. Did you talk to your care team about the scheduling and make it urgent? If not you always have the right to change oncologist if that’s something you might be considering. Sending you all my love and prayers hun. Xx


I am really sorry to hear this. I can fully understand why you feel mad with impatience. However, I can’t see how private helps as biopsy results etc always take time. I am also wondering about surgery. Where is it back?



Thank you so much for your replies ladies x Sorry for sounding like a drama llama, I was on the verge of a panic attack when I wrote this so everything seemed a bit too much to handle! Feeling a lot better now though☺️ The MRI that I had at Easter showed it was possibly back on my cervix, so surgery was discussed then, and the CT was booked just to make sure it hadn’t spread. The CT then showed some swollen lymph nodes in my tummy, and one in my neck, so the PET scan was booked. Unfortunately the PET scan showed a small area on my cervix, but also uptake in my lymph nodes going up my body to my neck. So no surgery😔 Thank you @Petesdragon, I thought that would probably be the case with biopsies, it’s so frustrating that everything takes so long! xxx