Feeling disappointed

Just had a meeting with surgeon at hospital to discuss PET scan results and I'm still none the wiser about further treatment. To cut a long story short I've had a radical hysterectomy with both ovaries removed, and lymph nodes. 3 weeks post surgery I had another meeting and lymph nodes showed up as being postive. I then had to wait another 3 weeks until I could have a PET scan due to surgery. I've had PET scan last week and results were discussed today showing lymph node involvement in 4 lymph nodes. I left feeling disappointed as I'm still none the wiser regarding how long my further treatment will be! He said you will now be facing chemo/rad therapy, and I said , to be honest you told me that 4 weeks ago!!!! Just hate all the waiting around. Sick to death of it.  I've now got to wait again, for the oncology team to contact me for yet, another bloody meeting. Why can't they seem to get their act together and have appointments on same day. Our teams meet every Wednesday morning, and I know the oncology team looked at my scan results today, so why couldn't they discuss my treatment with me today? Just feel I have been kept in limbo for 4 weeks, and that today's appointment was a complete waste of time.

sorry, rant over!!!!!

Awe Hun I hate these bloody doctors/hospitals sometimes they have no idea how hard it is for us going through this let alone the time it takes for them to get arses in gear! I hope they get back to you asap so you can get a plan sorted , ive got the 2week wait now for tests to be done on nodes etc so I'm not looking forward to more waiting either xx

Hiya Send, it's ridiculous! I understand that I had to wait for PET scan due to surgery but what I couldn't understand is now having to wait to see oncologists when they all attended my MDT meeting this morning! Surely they could have said ok we can't meet you today but your treatment will be xxxxxxxxx. The meeting today just seemed pointless. It could have been done over the phone. It's like they think you've got nothing better to do. Lol

Sorry to hear your news hun, the waiting is the worst. I was the same today i have been seen at two different hospitals. So turned up today to be told i should be at the other hospital for the appointment the oncolgist was not sure why i had been sent there. Things were spoke about but nothing i did not know already. So now got to wait for appointment at the other hospital. Waste of time and he was running two hours behind to be told that xx 

I feel for you nutmeg. Why are they always late? Every time I go, the minimum I wait is 1Hr! Today was 1hr 30 mins past my appointment time. To be told nothing new! And they wonder why we are angry. Today's meeting could have been done by telephone. XXXX goodluck xxxx

I'm on exactly the same journey. (sorry I replied in the wrong thread earlier) 1 lymph node involvement. I was hoping I could start this next round ASAP- doesn't look that way. 

Best wishes to you all x 

Big Hugs! The waiting is absolutey the worst! I'm waiting for the Radiation Onc to call, to make an appt so I can work out whether this booked holiday can actually happen! I'm pretty sure we will need to cancel but if they can just confirm when treatment will start so I can just confirm!! 


Hi Krissi, you can delay treatment until after your holiday, that's what I'm doing! I'm just waiting for oncology team to call to discuss treatment plan. That way everything will be in place for when I get back. I go on holiday on the 14th August for 2 weeks. The whole team was ok with that and didn't discourage me at all. They said a healthy mind and body gets you through the treatment and to just enjoy myself so that when I return I can hit the ground running. 

goodluck with your journey Hun xxxx