Feeling so anxious about repeat colposcopy

Hi all

I had my first smear earlier in the year which showed low grade abnormal cells & Hpv. Colposcopy came back as CIN3. Opted for the monitoring approach of a repeat colposcopy in 6 months which is now approaching and I’m so scared.

I’m scared that it was cervical cancer not CIN3, could they have missed it? I’m scared that it could have progressed into cc within the past 6 months. I’m losing my mind. Not sure how I am going to cope with the result waiting it absolutely terrifies me. I really want kids in the next few years and I am fearing the worst.

If anyone can provide any insight / similar experience or can ease my mind please feel free to comment. I feel that friends and family don’t understand how scary going through something like this is. I’m only 25 and everything in my life is great but this feels like a huge cloud.

Hi! I’m in the exact same situation, I’m 27 and really worried, have you heard anything new? Xx