Feeling lost after LLETZ (children mentioned)

Hi everyone, new here!

i had my LLETZ treatment today for CIN3, and have been told to expect my results in 4 weeks. Hoping to connect with other women in similar positions playing the waiting game?

I have a 5 month old daughter and am jumping to conclusions and fearing the worst! My partner is fantastic but I still feel very alone on this and am trying to stay positive with him as he's an even bigger worrier than me!

Anybody else in the same boat at the moment and want to share their experiences?


Hi I Understand exactly where you are coming from. Feel so low at the minure I have my lletz coming up on Monday for cin 3. V apprehensive and scared  on here checking people's posts. Hope you get the results you want fingers crossed for u xx

Thanks amandab1 for your best wishes. I hope monday goes well for you. I found it more uncomfortable than anything and the worst bit is the apprehension beforehand. Let me know how to get on. Do you have a good support network around you?


Hi Kimbers,

I'm having my lletz treatment tomorrow (under GA), i too came back as severe dyskaryosis from my smear test! I've had no confirmation if that's all it is yet as they literally just looked at my cervix at colposcopy.

I've got a 2 year old daughter and am too jumping to conclusions too but trying to stay positive at the same time (which I'm finding hard!!) its so scary though!!

Hope your results come back all clear xxx

Hi ladyG, big hugs for tomorrow! Did you choose to have the LLETZ under GA or was it offered? I felt so anxious about having mine under local but it was never offered as an option. Did they say why they didn't take a biopsy before offering treatment? Sending lots of positivity for tomorrow. Xx

Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow! Wishing you all the best :) I too am waiting for my results from my lletz on 5th June,  mine was done under local though. I am shocked at how much it has affected me tbh and I feel like I'm being such a drama queen but I literall haven't been able to think straight for 2 weeks. Best of luck to everyone :) xx

Hi there ladies ,

Wishing you all the best for treatment and for those waiting for results.. I went through this nightmare, and am now awaiting my follow up in September .. I agree with just how much it affects us,for me I'm still not properly back to normal yet  :-( I had a lot of support from family and work, but I still drove myself mad waiting  and wondering . It will get better and you will all get through this, i found that keeping busy helped a bit . You are all in the right place, this site is brilliant and certainly helped me a lot  x x 

Abnormal smear nov 2014 - high risk HPV :-( and severe dyskaryosis 

Colposcopy dec - 2014

LLETZ march 2015 ( got lost in system :-( )

Results April .. Confirm CIN 3 all removed no further disease found all clear

Smear and test of cure in September .. 


I suffer with low platelets (which I only found out about when I was pregnant with my daughter which explained a lot as when I, for example, shave my legs in the shower and cut them by accident there's blood literally everywhere!!) so that means my blood doesn't clot as well as it should so when the lady did my colposcopy she said it was severe and over a large area of my cervix and deep so she wasn't really happy to do it under local as she would need to jab the area more than once to numb it. So she suggested GA as I will be in a controlled environment and they will put sutures in my cervix at least the same time to suppress the bleeding, also I'm assuming any biopsies they wish to take they will do them then for the same reason. 

Thank you all for the support, it's nice to know there's other people in the same boat, We will all go mad waiting for our results together xxx

Big hugs. This waiting is awful. It's a total emotional roller coaster! Also very difficult to explain feelings to anyone not going/ gone through it. I hope your results are clear and you can put it all behind you xx

Let's all keep in touch with results. this site seems a brilliant support network xx

Awww definitely Hun, we all need to stick together at this time! xxx

Hi. I had Lletz treatment yesterday and feel exactly the same as you.

I had Lletz for Cin2 in November  2014 and on my 6 month smear had to have another colposcopy (17th June). This time the consultant wouldn't say if cin 2 or 3 just said he needed to wait for the biopsy Results.

I too have children and every time I look at them I burst into tears x 

The worst bit is the waiting isn't it. How horrible that you're having to go through this for a second time. Have they told you the usual 4 weeks for results? Xx

I hate the waiting!!! 

Yes 3-4 weeks he said!

I'm more worried as he wouldn't say the degree of abnormality. In November  he said it was Cin 2 and biopsys would confirm it and they did. This time he just said 'now we wait for the biopsy results' I asked the Nurse if it was Cin 2 and she said he hadn't said as he wants to wait for the biopsys!

Im probably  reading too much into it but I guess we cling onto every word the doctors say x 

Hiya just wondered if anyone has had their results yet? I'm still waiting :( but can finally say it all feels normal down there again finally :) just got to get these results out the way! :) xx

I'm  still waiting! I got another infection again too but finished the antibiotics this week so hoping it will start to feel better soon x 

Has anyone heard yet? X