Lletz treatment and biopsy

Hi all so I thought I'd post this to help any other ladies who are worried about lletz.i suffer from extreme anxiety and I had an abnormal smear 6/3/17 so was referred for colposcopy 28/3/17 I had the colposcopy but freaked out about treatment so declined :( I returned to my gp to ask her what the dr at the hospital saw she said moderate high grade dyskaryosis and a lesion. The hospital rebooked me in for my lletz on 28/4/17 ( today!) this morning I was a nervous wreck I had to take diazapram the dr prescribed just for today to help. I arrived at the hospital the dr talked about the procedure I agreed still worried ! I finally got on the chair legs in stirrups they proceeded with the procedure , i felt a tiny little sting and legs shook so I asked is that the injection and it was which I thought well that wasn't bad ! Then I had lletz and a biopsy taken i felt nothing , except a slight pinch at the end and then it was just a funny smell as they sealed the wound then all was done!! It really is not that bad :) :) sorry for the long post but I thought I'd reassure other ladies who may be scared like I was xxx

thank you for the above post. I suffer from anxiety too and have my LLETZ treatment at 9.30am tomorrow and have barely slept through worry but you have made me feel better. I hope your results come back clear x


I had lletz treatment last week. Smear came back with high grade moderate dyskaryosis. It was a see and treat. It was actually better than I expected!! 

What is really worrying me are the biopsy results. I'm in such a panic and have convinced myself it will be cc.

How was your result? Just would really like some reassurance. 

Thanks Amalia