Feeling fried

Hello friends,
I’m on wk 3 radiation/ chemo and really hurting all around my pelvis. As if my bladder to urethra are stuck together or my cervix is trying to close up. Could daily radiation to the pelvis making me achy and stabbing in this area. I’m scheduled for brachytherapy next wk and I’m starting to feel like I’m melting and no one’s concerned. I would definitely consult with my radiologist dr before adding more treatment. I’m tired and nauseous a lot ( expected it) . Does anyone in radiation/ chemo feeling like something’s off or think the treatments feeling like overkill%? Can’t be one size fit all for everybody even with same diagnosis ….:confused::astonished:


Aw it’s awful isn’t it!?
I finished treatment 8 weeks ago but remember feeling pretty awful, tired and sore pretty much all the way through!
I had bad cystitis by the end of it… I think from the radiation that was really painful! :persevere:
But feeling much more normal now :sweat_smile:
Speak to your radiologist/oncologist if you are in pain they can give you something for it xx

How you doing today ?

Did the doctor recommend anything to help ? Xx

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I start brachytherapy day after tomorrow 9/27 and I’m honestly scared of the whole idea. Never imagined I’d be opening myself up this way for a procedure. :face_with_peeking_eye:I’m embarrassed even tho I’d be sedated with spinal block. Only means I won’t be screaming in pain while up on display. It’s a very uncomfortable thought. Especially the dr is really good looking omg I said it…it doesn’t help. If He were a woman Dr. might be a little easier, too late now right? Main focus is that the 4 brachy sessions will eradicate any last stubborn tumor cells. I just really nervous and embarrassed about things going into my vagina. Please pray for me to be brave and that it’s all needed and worth the trouble, we have a plan and we’re going forward with it. Thank you everyone


It won’t be long now and then it will be all over , I’ve read loads of people stories about the brachytherapy and they mostly seem to say it’s not as bad as imagined.

:rofl: to the hot doctor! I suppose it’s better than an old man fiddling with your parts :rofl: xx