Exercise after examination before lletz

hi all

i had my first visit to colposcopy dept today

i had another smear and the examination with dye and a small biopsy for testing - the dr has said she is confident i have cin 2 and talked through the lletz procedure which I will have in a few weeks. The biopsy is to just confirm this information.

so to be clear - I have not had lletz yet, just a small biopsy for examination

i was told not to use tampons and no sex ... but can I go to the gym and exercise? 

i know after lletz I shouldn't for a few weeks... but what about after this smaller investigation? 

I have a bit of cramping but no spotting or anything. 


Thanks xx

Hiya Hun, not sure about this procedure, but I was back in the gym about 6 days after my Lletz procedure. The only thing I didn't do was swim. Xxxx