Exercise Post Lletz

Hi Ladies,

I had my Lletz under GA just over 3 weeks ago. Im still bleeding slightly and keep getting a few twinges and pains in my abdomen.

When did everybody else begin to do exercise again? I've always done quite a lot of weights at the gym and i'm sure it'll probably be a bit much at the moment but does anyone have any advice on what other excerise I could probably do that wouldn't be too strenuous?

Thanks :) xx

Hi Fiona


I had mine 2 weeks ago and felt fine, just had light bleeding so went to the gym ... the day after i got real heavy bleeding so i rang clinic and the nurse said although they say 2 weeks everyone is different ... i would advise not to i was in agony yest i have had to go to docs and they have perscribed tablets to help with the bleeding!


If you go just take it easy xx

Thanks Louise.

The bleeding is pretty much easing to a stop now so i'll probably wait until it stops completely and go and do some light exercise.

I miss it, its driving me mad haha xx

I was the same hun so i thought im just going to go for it, wasnt in any pain or anything but the next day my god i knew about it ... i ended up at docs last night! they said its either iv aggravated it by doing too much or my period (which i dont believe as its not due till next week)

Hold off hun it was a horrible experience yest, didnt think it would stop! xx

Oh no that sounds awful. I hope you feel better soon! xx

Thanks hun,


Have you received results yet? xx

No not yet. Been a long waiting game from my original smear in November. They told me 4-6 weeks on results from my Lletz so should hopefully have them pretty soon. Have you had any news yet? xx

The waiting is a killer isnt it!! Well i rang the colposcopy clinic yest due to the bleeding and spoke to a nurse so i asked for results and she said that they were on the system as CIN3 removed and to return in 6 months for smear, although i wont feel at ease untill i get my letter, silly i know! when she said there was something on there i immediately panicked as its 2 weeks today i had mine and they did say between 2-4 weeks but she assured me no cancerous cells where present! xx


Hopefully get my letter soon! xx

Thats really good news :)

I'm going to give them a ring next Monday if I haven't heard anything cause I think 4 weeks is more than enough to wait lol :) xx

I wont be happy untill i have the letter, in my head i think what if the nurse has read wrong, or they are not fully finished updating! So silly i know but feel like this is torture!!


Yeah sounds like an idea, to be honest i think the longest part is the letter i think the results are fairly quick back on the system its then generating the letter to be signed off before its sent that takes the longest from reading other posts.


4 weeks is a long time if it was anything serious you would have heard (i bet your sick of people saying that to you ha) xx

Yeah they seem to spend most of the time writing up the letter haha. I think they get all results back pretty soon and then they just prioritise them.

No i'm not sick of people saying that, its quite a comfort cause it makes me feel a bit more positive. As i'd already had my biopsy results before my Lletz I did think it was unlikely to have developed into anything serious so i'm more just concered about if they've got it all, because I really don't want another Lletz lol. Also because they removed a really large area with mine, it worries me if they can't do another lletz.

In a way I want to wait for my letter rather than ring because I think i'd be the same as you and not really believe it till I see it in black and white xx

Yeah thats what im seeing from other posts, Yeah i suppose so, mines the other way i had treatment the same day before biopsies think thats why im so scared, however the doctor doing it said it doesnt look like cancer gave me some relief but i just think then why send biopsies off --- little miss negative here!! Yeah exactly i thought even just hearing anything would give me comfort and it did to a point but i just need to see for myself .. have the letter in my hand! Hopefully your wait will soon be over, dont know how you have coped since november you have done amazing! I have tortured myself through the whole time, just finding some comfort knowing soon i will know for sure either way and stop thing what if! xx

Ah ok. I think they send biopsies off at the majority of colposcopys so it doesn't necessarily mean its bad news, its just so they can find exactly what grade it is :) I've been pretty negative the past few months too. Its only now i'm managing to pull myself out of it and thinking if it was really really serious, they wouldn't leave me for over 3 months. Although my hospital isnt the most encouraging and it actually wouldn't surprise me if they had of done.

You'll have to let me know when you get your letter and then hopefully you will be able to relax for the next 6 months :) xx

Came home to a letter from the hospital.

They don't like to be very informative but it says

"There is no cause for concern and we believe the treatment to have been adequate. We would like to invite you back for a colposcopy and smear in 6 months time"

So relieved its unbelievable!! xx

aww thats excellent news i am so pleased for you :) you must feel like a weight has been lifted xx

Thank you :) Yes I do. I'm still a bit concerned they haven't got clear margins, which is why i'm referred for a colposcopy in 6 months, but I don't know if thats just the way my hospital do things.

Either way I am pushing it to the very back of my mind until August/September :) xx 

Hi Fiona, 

I had my Lletz performed yesterday (06/03/2014) and it seems that the Hospitals have different ideals of aftercare! Which is very annoying and confusing!! I had treatment for CIN3 under local. I asked the same gym question (I'm obsessed!) and the consultant said I could return as soon as next week so long as I feel able to. He said that if I experience heavy bleeding from the gym to perhaps take a little more time off. I'm only on day one of recovery and haven't had any bleeding yet. However, reading some of the other forums it seems that a lot of girls suffer for weeks and weeks with bleeding so I imagine the worst is yet to come! My gym leggings are  far too tight to wear a giant sanitary towel under!!!!!!!! ;-)

I love weight lifting too and have read a lot of advise online about not lifting anything too heavy for a few weeks. However, the consultant didn't mention this at all either! 

Good luck with your recovery and hope you can get back to the gym soon xx