CIN 3 Lletz and exercise

Hi All,

I am 1 week post Lletz and awaiting confirmation of my results although the consultant and the colposcopy said CIN 3 (my smear came back as borderline)

So far i have just felt really exhausted and a bit bloated, I was also experiencing really liquidy slightly pinky discharge (apparently very normal) however today I have started to bleed but not particularly heavily. (again have heard this is normal??)

My question is, does anyone have any experience of exercising post Lletz. My consultant told me to listen to my body, with no time frame etc of when to start. I am not too worried about myself exercising, although it would be nice, but I am a personal trainer and run classes etc so its proving pretty difficult to work and take it easy.


Any advise would be really appreciated as I dont want to over do it and set any healing back!


Thank you 

Oh and for anyone interested:

June 2014 - Smear (normal) Aged 24

June 2017 - Smear - HPV and borderline changes - Aged 27

July 2017 - Colposcopy - CIN 1 maybe 2

Aug 2017 - Biopsy results - CIN 3

Sep 2017 - Lletz prcoedure and awaiting results

Hello Kate

I had CIN3 and Lletz at the end of july, I didnt really start exercising until about 3 weeks after,  I dont do loads of organised stuff just yoga and walking etc.  I took it really slowly as found the bleeding increased when I did anything much. I also found the pads made me quite sore down below.   I dont think there are any hard and fast rules and appreciate its difficult if its your job, You are also considerably younger than me so may fare better.  I would perhaps give it another fews days and see how it goes.... I also found the bleeding incresed around day 10 and was quite heavy for a good couple of days not ideal if you are in gym gear maybe?  I guess it also depends on whether you are being paid to be off sick. I hope all goes well and that you heal fast.