egg freezing/embryo freezing?


I’ve recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1B (possibly 2A) - apparently they won’t know for sure until they actually do the operation. Due to this, there is a 1 in 3 three chance I will need chemo/radiation following the operation so my doctor said we would be best getting the fertility side of things sorted now.

I’m only 27 and been with my boyfriend 5 years and we are desperate for kids so my doctor has referred us to a fertility clinic this week to see about getting some embryos/eggs frozen.

We would ideally go for freezing embryos (as I hear that they have a better chance of surviving than the eggs alone). However, after a bit of research on-line it looks like there are certain ‘criteria’ that you and your partner need to meet in order to proceed with the process.

I’m a bit worried as my partner smokes (although he is looking to give up since my diagnosis) and I’ve read that this might mean they won’t freeze an embryo for us. I also read that we must be living together for at least 2 years and we have only recently moved in and bought a house together. Has anyone else went through this process with a partner and could give me some advice?

Sorry if this post doesn’t make much sense. My head is a bit all over the place at the minute!

Thanks xxxx