Freezing eggs ?

Hi ladies, I was diagnosed with CC2B this week after originally diagnosed with 1b. So I need either a hysterectomy or Chemo which has been devastating to face and I am so so scared but also so sad that my fertility will be gone. I wondered if anyone on here has frozen their eggs before? How does the process work? Will they do all of this before my op and/or chemo? Also how long do they stay frozen for (sorry if silly question). Is surrogacy expensive like thousands? Would be really interested to hear if any lady out there has gone through this process and could prepare me or give me any insight. I find my research on the internet is confusing me and im getting all in a pickle. I am just hoping and praying I can def get my eggs frozen. My next stage is an appointment with a nurse on Monday to explain the internal examination they are doing then go from there. Any help would be so grateful. Thank you so much xxxxx

Hey, I'm so sorry to hear you are in this position. You sound similar to me. I was diagnosed with stage 2b cc last November and was given chemo radiation treatment which has made me go through the menopause before I have had any children :( before I had treatment me and my partner were given the opportunity to have some embryos frozen. The whole thing took about 2 and a half weeks and I had to have injections everyday to stimulate my ovaries to produce eggs. I was then put to sleep and I had 14 eggs collected - 6 of which were successfully made into embryos and frozen. We can use a surrogate in the future but that costs about £15,000 we were told. I was devastated when I was told I would never carry my own children and I suffer from depression now. My hope is that one day we can save the money and find a surrogate and have a baby. I hope everything goes well for you and you can get some eggs collected before treatment xxx

I had CC 10 years ago, stage 1b1.  I froze eggs after, and saved 28.  I just turned 39. I was told at first the canal was blocked, and to get a surrogate.  Surrogate is about 40-50k w/ lawyer.  Later I got a second opinion, and doc said i just needed to do a D&C, get dialated (make the hole bigger) & i can carry my own!  Today i did a "mock trial" to use my frozen far so good but it was a lil tricky to find but my doctor was able to do the mock successfully.  Weds I go release my frozen eggs to my doctor, we try to do it on my next cycle.  Hopefully i can help some of you with some questions..ive been through a lot!! 

Thanks for your replies. Looks like i can freeze my eggs (without a sperm) but they need 4 weeks so waiting to see if this is possible. xxx

Letting everyone know that freezing eggs is not guaranteed.  I froze mine 29 eggs 2012, and 7 were embryos and did not surive (present)...i basically have to start over!