Doesn't look like a standard polyp

Hi all, very glad to find this site and hoping for some clarification...

Had a routine smear last July that thankfully came up negative but the nurse commented on 'quite a long polyp' and suggested I get it removed. She said it's very normal and usually nothing to worry about so I've only just gotten around to it today. Today the GP said it's actually very very small (contradicting the nurse's description) so there was little for her to get hold of, when I asked if it was worth removing it she said 'yes, to see what's going on down there'. She could only get tiny bits and said it wasn't like a normal polyp that protrudes from the cervix, it was actually on the face of the cervix 'at about 2 o'clock' and had no stalk which polyps usually have. She's sending it off for tests, results in two weeks, and said 'hopefully it's nothing to worry about.


So of course I'm worrying. However from the dreaded google I can't find anything much about growths on the cervix that aren't polyps or cysts (it wasn't fluid-filled so not a cyst). Do all polyps have stalks and come through the cervix? Can they shrink? Can cervical cancer present as a small growth on the face of the cervix, even though a smear is negative? I've had no irregular bleeding though I have a mirena coil so don't have periods any more. I have had some cramps in recent weeks that I've been to the GP about but was presuming they're recurrence of fibroids I've had removed previously arguing with the coil (have had a gynae referral for that). I'm 42. I'm just at a bit of a loss - I went in for a standard cervical polyp removal and came out being told it doesn't look like a standard polyp and 'hopefully' it's nothing to worry about...


Sorry for all the questions.

I would have thought if the 'polyp' were on the face of the cervix, if it were cc it would have shown in the smear.  My cc did not show up on a smear, but mine was high up in the cervix and therefore the smear does not explore that area. In the US they have a brush when they have a smear, so it would have shown up if I lived there.  I'm not an expert, but I would have thought a smear would have shown up if the lesion was on the cervix, but hopefully you won't have to wait 2 weeks.

Thanks so much for replying, April, your thoughts make sense and are reassuring. Fingers crossed. Wishing you all the best too x

Hi all, I'm just posting an update in case anyone else searches on this forum for experience of this like I did. Thankfully the biopsy report on the growth on my cervix came back negative. Thanks again for the support and wishing all of you all the very best x

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Hi MrsM,

What a relief! I would have been very stressed waiting to know.

Very happy for you