Dissolvable stitches not dissolving

Hi I had my surgery for radical hysterectomy 6 weeks ago, all my stitches have dissolved apart from the one on inside of my belly button. I had kind of forgotten about it but It’s actually annoying me now, when I bend down I can feel it. Should I go to gp to get it out? I was going to wait till my follow up with consultant but don’t think that will be for a couple of weeks. Has anyone else had this problem?

Mine took ages in my belly button but don't think it was quite that long. See gp maybe?

Mine were dissolving for at least two months, so would guess you are ok!

Hi Shazzal

I had an abdominal trach, so slightly different, but I also had dissolvable stitches that took ages to go! The main scar stitches went but I had a really annoying, niggly one at the end of the scar that stuck out slightly and kept getting caught on my pants and irritating me. I mentioned it at a GP appointment and he asked the nurse to trim it down so that it didn't keep catching. Yours doesn't sound like it's sticking out, so my advice might not be very useful! They do take ages to dissolve sometimes though, and do drive you a bit mad.

If you have a GP appointment coming up, maybe mention it then, or call your ward/CNS to see what they suggest.


Ha ha :-)

I had surgical steel staples, and my dear old mum, bless her, asked if they would dissolve. Even now, almost five years since surgery I have a tiny little flap in my belly button that I guess must be what is left of an internal stitch. It's a bit annoying but it reminds me that my life has ben saved :-)

Be lucky :-)

Cant believe I forgot to mention to gp every time I've been lately! Got nurse this week so I'll

mention to her. Been doing my best to keep away from gp surgery as felt like I was there every 5 mins with something new! Never had metal ones before, bet they were fun, not!