Dissolvable Stitches ?!

Hi Ladies… I hope you’re getting on ok…

In the grand scheme of things this seems trivial… But I’m almost 8 weeks post op now… And wondering when will my internal stitches dissolve?!
They don’t seem to be going anywhere fast… I can still feel them and I have one under my belly button that juts out (under my skin)
They’re driving me mad because I can feel them pull and they’re itching like crazy!!

Did anyone else notice this?!

Silly things!!

Em xxx

Hi Em

i'm 3 weeks post surgery and mine have for the most part dissolved i actually was able to pull a lot of them out gross but in a kind of satisfying way!

so sorry to not be much help but i wanted to answer



They will eventually drop off even when you shower or your just getting dressed/undressed. I noticed with me they fell off in there own time. Your tummy will get itchy when its starting to heal but try not to scratch it. I had my op in April this year and my recovery is going great but its wasn't without its problems trust me.

Hope your recovery is going well and your listening to your body,best thing you can do.

Good luck & take care.

Hi Em, the nurse at my GP’s took mine out, she left a few, which eventually came out last week, xxShauna

It’s my internal stitches not external (they’ve all gone!) but I’ve got lumps and bumps where my internal ones are … And they don’t seem to be anywhere near dissolving!! :frowning: xx