sorry, in a posting mood, been on my own all week! Waiting, waiting, waiting.

when I had my lletz, the wound was stitched. They also (sorry, tmi) accidentally snipped my vagina and stitched that. Yeah, I know, great! It has come as a bit of a shock to anyyone else that has had the pleasure of looking in there, I think stitches are a bit unusual. My surgeon has had to opt for an abdominal hysterectomy because of them, so I'm not best pleased really. 

Has anyone else ever been stitched, and if so, how long should it take to heal? 

Thanks, molly Xxx

Ouch, poor you! You must feel pretty angry with them over this.

What part of your vainga was snipped? I was cut whilst giving birth and whilst it didn't feel normal for a long long time, I don't believe it was sore after 2-3 weeks. Having a bath is good to loosen the stitches if they feel tight. xx

Thank you, I am tempted to have my first bath. Think I'm a bit nervous of anything now!

Mollz xx

Hi Mollz

Not a good place to have a snip!

I had stitches when I had my 2nd op.  10 days later I had half of them taken out then 2 days later when the others were due out it was a bit of a struggle as the skin had started to heal over the stitches!



Omg should I have had them taken out??!!!

Im having some stuff done next week and ive been told they will be dissolvable stiches. I never take anything as red anymore but if you've not been asked to go back to have them removed then they are probably dissolvable too.

Don't worry Mollz, in that area I'm sure they would have been dissolvable ones.  I just wanted to give an example of how quick the skin knits back together.xx

Ha! You've just reminded me,

Whilst all my internal stitches must have been dissolvable, the vertical incision up my abdomen from the pubic bone to just above the navel was held together with surgical steel staples. My dear sweet elderly mother took one look at them after the dressing was off and asked if they were dissolvable. Well, she hasn't seen any of the 'Alien' films with the creature who's body fluids eat through metal so it was pointless me making a joke on that score to her.

Bless ;-)