I was diagnosed with 1b1 cervical cancer and back in May I had a radical hysterectomy and my lymphnodes removed from my groin and was then given the all clear ,

i had no symptoms , it was all picked up from my second smear test Wich fortunatly I booked myself in for as  wasn’t called in for one and didn’t receive a letter to invite me for one,

ive now got myself in such a panic and any symtom and my mind goes into  over drive ,

im getting a lot of discharge at the moment and its panicking me ?

is this normal ? Has anyone else suffered with this months after their operation,

i have an appointment Wednesday next week with my consultant, but I get myself so worked up it frightens me it may sound silly  but I’m nearly 29 and im petrified ,





I didn’t have surgery but did discuss something very similar with my consultant last week and she said id be more prone to infections now and antibiotics would clear it up. Could always see GP in meantime?

Sorry, I've got no personal experience of this scenario, but do you have a specialist nurse you can call in the meantime? They may be able to offer some advice/re-assurance. 

I hope you are ok and the appointment tomorrow goes as well as it can.