post hysterectomy concerns

hello everyone.

Im looking for a bit of advise as Idont seem to be getting anywhere with my GP.

I had a hysterectomy in Nov 2014 due to large areas of CIN 3 and they told me i was borderline CC , they left my ovaries in.No problems post op and i am back in work. However,the past 2 weeks i have had lots of discharge like I had before my op, sorry i know not a nice thing to talk about Embarassed. I constantly feel tired and i have noticed that my one breast has changed shape/size. I dont know whether I am being paranoid or not.I have to wait until april to have a vault smear but the discharge is worrying me asits the same as before. The dr was concerned that I had severe abnormalities closeto the vaginal wall. I am very scared that I have more abnormalities. Has anyone else experienced similar systoms oram i just being paranoid?

 Any advise would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much Smile

Hello sunnyccc  Maybe the discharge you are having is due to you being more active if you are just back at work & maybe you are over-doing it a bit?  The tiredness may just follow the surgery & again I think is normal especially as you're working again.   Maybe your body is telling you you need to rest more?  

I'd definately return to the doctor if your breast has changed size or shape - don't put it off as being paranoid, your health is important and maybe this experience has made you more wary of every little change in your body - it certainly has for me.

Was there not biopsies/tests carried out on  what they removed at hysterectomy - I think that it is standard practice to analyse what they remove?



It sounds like you have recovered really quickly from quite a major op. Maybe you need to slow down a bit and take it easy. We are all so keen to put things behind us and get back to where we were before diagnosis that sometimes we rush things. I'd give your specialist nurse or gp a call and talk it through with them. They will be able to put your mind at rest. Good luck x


I had a weird discharge for half a year before the operation and for 4 months after the opereation. I was tested twice and results were clear, tried few drugs and nothing helped... I can understand your frustration though about it. I used to be upset every time I went to the bathroom. I haven't seen it for the last 3 weeks but wouldn't be too surprised if it comes back. It is so difficult to know what is right and not after what we all have been through. And I think we all are much more paranoid about every little symptom and pain and we have right to be as it is a scary journey and we already faced real danger. Stay strong sweetie xx