Discharge after LLETZ

I had LLETZ a week and a half ago. For a week, I had watery, very light pinkish discharge. For the last 3-4 days I've now started to have heavier discharge tinged with a brown colour and a more noticeable smell. It was even so heavy it seeped through my pad... Is it normal for the discharge to become worse over time?

Discharge is quite normal after Lletz, HOWEVER any foul smelling discharge is not normal. Might be sign of infection so best to get the GP to check. X

Agreed! Definitely go see your GP if you think it could be a sign of infection after your procedure. I would say, though, that I think it is normal for the discharge to become heavier as the days go on. For me, and a few other women I've spoken to, we've experienced after biopsy and LLETZ very little or no bleeding on the day of the procedure, then gradually more over the next few days/weeks. 

Best wishes